View Full Version : Calgon...take me away!!! (remember those ads?)

02-15-2007, 06:42 PM
Boy, I've never felt more like a Calgon advertisement than I did this afternoon.

Got a call as I was on my way to pick up Maggie from Mom's Day Out. Apparently the Rapid Strep Test that they did on her was wrong. The overnight culture came back positive for strep. Yesterday. I got the call today after she'd already been to 2 days of school and one afternoon play session at the Y. Apparently, we're spreading strep around the county. I'm going to be exiled!

Did I mention that Maggie barely slept from 2am on last night? Yep. No sleep. Now I know why, I guess.

And when we got home from school? I discovered that our dear cat had three stinking holes in his chest from the cat fight he got in on Tuesday night. He's always a little stinky (typical male, right?), so I didn't notice it yesterday, but I touched his chest this afternoon and it was wet. yep. seeping. Off to the vet we go with two screaming kids and a crying cat.

Vet is opening up the wounds to make sure they haven't abcessed so we left him there. Maggie screamed for an hour because she didn't want to leave O'Neill.

man. I need a drink.

How was your Calgon day?

Rynonut Mom
02-15-2007, 06:52 PM
Awww - hugs, Sinead!!!!

02-15-2007, 07:14 PM
Aww, poor baby! Thursdays and Mondays are always my crazy days, but nothing like what you just had. How's Maggie???

I had an afternoon with the phone glued to my ear. Ever hae one of those days when the phone is ringing non-stop? Just when I was getting really tired of it John calls and says, "Gee, you sound annoyed?"

02-15-2007, 08:02 PM
.... and I thought I was having a bad day. I hope your evening goes better Sinead!

My day was insane... kinda covered it in my "On my way out" thread... it's now 1:00 am and the alarm is set for a 2:00 am wake up so we can head out no later than 4:00! Pray that I can get some sleep in the van!

02-15-2007, 08:34 PM
oy! i'll have a drink for ya since you can't drink sinead! takin' one for the team and all that...

02-16-2007, 12:55 AM
Oh hugs Sinead! Sorry you had such a bad day. I hope that O'Neill is okay and that your sweet little Maggie gets better quickly. Strep hurts so bad!

02-16-2007, 01:41 AM
OOH man...that is soooooooo totally a calgon day. Hugs!!!

02-16-2007, 08:09 PM
I hope your weekend is better!!!!

02-16-2007, 10:01 PM
O'Neill is good today. He's still at the vet's office because we went to Atlanta to go to the circus with DH's family, but he's doing good. Thanks, Chickies!

02-17-2007, 02:19 PM
What a bad day! Glad things are getting better, at least for the cat. How's Maggie?

02-17-2007, 09:37 PM
Better-- yay for antibiotics! She still has a bad cough but it doesn't seem to be slowing her down much! Thanks, Chloe!