View Full Version : switched to mac - now what & what programs?

08-17-2005, 11:27 PM
Well, I decided to switch to mac. I haven't recieved my computer yet but while I wait does anyone have any suggestions on how to get ready for the switch?

I was just wondering what programs everyone is using on their macs? I was going to get PSE (I have that on my pc but don't know it that well) but just recieved an email where I can upgrade to photoshop CD2 for half price. Should I make that jump also?


08-18-2005, 01:17 PM
How familiar are you with PSE? There's not alot of differences between the MAC & PC and how Adobe operates in them. There's really not alot difference between PSE & PSCS2. There's alot more advanced functions in PSCS2 that aren't available in PSE. Like masks, the pen tool, etc. If you've mastered PSE then by all means upgrade. Even if you haven't, I think PSCS2 is the best out there, imho.
As for other programs I recommend...

iPhoto comes with your computer. I LOVE it. Use it to organize all my pics as well as kits.

Have fun with your Dashboard, lots of free downloads for that, it can be addicting.

As for other scrapping products, all I've ever needed is PSCS2, so I can't help there. If you use Picasa and/or Hello, you'll be disappointed know that they are not Mac compatible. Anybody know an alternative??

Get your .Mac account if you can ($99) a year. It will give you webspace and all of the iLife programs will help you create simple web pages to share all your work and photos. There's alot of other benefits to the .Mac account, like a iDisk that you can store files (on the Mac servers), a mac.com email address and others.

I can go on & on about other non-scrapping programs but I won't bore us all here.

Have fun with your new computer!!!

08-18-2005, 02:28 PM
sit back and enjoy it! lol it does take a few days to adjust to a mac.....once you go mac you never go back...lol