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10-08-2005, 04:08 PM
hello everyone :) my name is maura and i just registered yesterday thanks to holly! i mostly paper scrap still. but occssionally i combine or just add in a digi page so i dont get too bored with all paper. i play around a lot, but dont do much with my stuff. i also make siggies for friends on my mommy board. i am not all that talented, just playing around mostly.....

i have 2 girls: fiona turned 3 in august, and kylie turned 1 a few weeks ago. i am a SAHM and love it....well, mostly ...tee heee hee....j/k some days i want to punch my time card and check out...but thats how it goes....LOL they make me smile more than i ever thought two little people could :)

thanks for the invite over here holly (we were in the same sorority house in college....but she grad not too long after i was in) , hope to find some great ideas here and get to know you :)

10-08-2005, 04:34 PM
Hey Maura!!!! YAY! Yeah, a little more of a story about us. I lived in Georgia and went to Georgia Southern U there...Maura and another girl attended GSU and were from St. Louis area. Then, I moved to St. Louis is 1995 and we JUST found out that she's been here living...all this time! CRAZY!

10-08-2005, 04:45 PM
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

It's great to have you here!

10-08-2005, 05:00 PM
welcome maura!