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10-09-2005, 03:27 PM
I'm new to digital scrapbooking. I got a drawing tablet and it came with PSE 3.0 I have a few questions about it (the program not the tablet):

1) Last night when I first started using it it was working just like I thought it was supposed to. I could open a new file (a background for example) and just click and drag it onto my page. Then all the sudden I can't do that anymore. If I click and drag it just open the new file instead of the page, and I can't get the file to actually go onto the page. Am I making sense here? I'm sure I just accidentally did something to change it, but how do I change it back? Can anyone understand my problem enough to help me?

2)I've downloaded some freebies of new paintbrushes, how do I go about using them? I'm sure i have to install them or soemthing right? but how??


10-09-2005, 03:58 PM
Hi there...

I'll try to help if I can. First of all as far as your files are concerned, I'm not sure I am understanding your problem as dragging and dropping from the "open file" menu isnt really the way I use the program. I thought I might tell you how I design a page in hopes that THAT might help you on the digital scrappin path.

First, I open a new page that's 12x12 300 dpi. Then I click on the open new file folder in the top menu bar and navigate to the file I want to open. Once I open the file, say a background paper, it should appear in the lower photo bin in PSE 3.0. Once that paper is in my main working window, I drag it from the main window down into the thumbnail box of my main page and the paper is copied into it and that new document becomes the active document in the work window.

Then I move on to the next file I want to drag into the page and repeat the process. Each time I drag a new item, it creates a new layer in the layout I am working on. Each layer can be individually re-sized using the transform arrows, duplicated, color changed, etc. I continue adding to my page using this process until it's complete.

As far as brushes are concerned, once you have your .abr file unzipped and ready to be installed, you want to do the following:

Navigate to your brushes folder along the following path (or similar) Start Menu > My Computer > C: > Programs > Adobe > AdobePhotoshopElements 3.0 > Presets > Brushes

Once you have your brushes folder open, you want to drag your .abr file into the folder. From there, you want to open PSE3 and click on the "edit" menu at the top of the page. Near the bottom is an option called "preset manager", scroll down and select. A Preset Manager Box should pop up. Select "brushes" from the Preset type dropdown menu then click the LOAD button on the right side of the box. It should open the brushes file you initially put your brushes .abr file into select the .abr file you want to use and click the LOAD button again. Your new brushes should be ready to use now. Keep in mind, some brushes arent compatable with PSE 3.0 but it will tell you so at this point.

Good Luck and hope this helps a little bit. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Robin : )

10-09-2005, 04:19 PM
Hi Robin,

I'll try it again to do exactly what you said, maybe I've been missing something. But that sounds like what I've been doing. What keeps happening is that when I open the file, it is in the little box at the bottom (I think it's called photo file or something) or I can get my open files windowed in the screen, but I can't get say the background to layer on top of the page. So so that the little file at the bottom shows both the background and the page and I try to drag the background onto the page it doesn't layer on the page, it just opens the background and minimizes the page. If I try to drag the little thumbnail of the background onto the thumbnail of the page then they just swap positions on the tray.

Making more sense now?

I'll try it again doing exactly what you said incase I was just messing up somewhere.

Thanks for the help!

10-09-2005, 04:47 PM
Hi again Cheerio... you actually have to drag the LARGE item down into the preview image to get it to drop onto the page you want it on. When you move the thumbnails around, you're right, they just switch places on the tray.

So if you have your page going with a background, open your photo so that it is in the large working area then drag the LARGE photo down on top of the thumbnail of the background you are working on. That thumbnail should then jump to your active window now with both the photo AND the background on it. Open a ribbon, it will be in the large window as JUST the ribbon, drag the big ribbon down to the page with your background and photo and it should pop up as the active window with a background, a photo and a ribbon. Continue on, etc.

Good luck!!
Robin : )

10-09-2005, 04:51 PM
Thanks Robin!

I finally got it!!

I figured I had accidentally changed a setting or something because it was working fine and then it wasn't. I guess the only problem was with the operator!!

I got it now! Thanks so much!