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Laura M
05-26-2008, 06:32 PM
My name is Laura and I am looking to hang out with some hybrid artists. I have dug out all of my traditional scrapping supplies and I am beginning my new adventure to do hybrid. I am a mother to twins and I am in the military. :superman: Glad to be here and participating.

05-27-2008, 03:23 PM
Welcome Laura! Glad to see you've jumped right in and started some threads! This is the hybrid place to be!

05-27-2008, 06:16 PM
Hi Laura. Nice to have you join us!

Laura M
05-27-2008, 08:29 PM
Thanks ... I look forward to it. I love digi scrapping but to be hands on with my stuff again is ..... well... AWESOME! It's been a few years! I am tickled pink.

05-28-2008, 01:11 PM
I feel the same way Laura! I put away my paper stuff for a while, but I have it all out now!! I LOVE combining the two! I LOVE getting my hands dirty!

05-31-2008, 11:34 PM
I don't think I could ever put the paper stuff down. I love them all. I can get bored with digi so I'll lessen my creations but with paper... LOVE :D

Oh, and welcome!!

06-16-2008, 12:21 PM
Hey Laura - I did not know that your husband is in the military - mine is too! Give me a holler when you want to scrap Hybrid - we can have a cyber crop.