View Full Version : I love Geoff Tate ....

Laura M
05-29-2008, 12:15 PM
and here is why?

Kids are fighting. DH is a bear despite having gotten some great attention last night ;) ... Screw it...no Calgon to take me away from the chaos.

So I put on the tennis shoes and a pair of ugly Navy shorts and get on the elliptical.

I turn on my MP3 player and I am listening to Geoff Tate, my songbird -- not bad on the eyes ... I crank the music up and man I am feeling good. I decide to sing ... not to myself --- but loud as hell as I kick that elliptical's butt. And I get louder .... LMBO LMBO LMBO -- I am paying them bugga's back for getting on my nerves. HAHAHH! Silent Lucidity -- sounded so damn good ... I played it again and sang even louder.

DH runs out the door to the garage ... LMBO

Kids are hiding .... LMBO

This is good. So 40 minutes later and 400+ calories burned ... I decide to give them a break.

My kids, DH and even the stupid birds are all quiet.

So next time ... sweet family ... Don't mess with the Mama or she will have to break out some Queensryche to which she only hears and she will sing very LOUDLY!

LMBO -- bad day turned good for me.

05-29-2008, 12:31 PM
hehehe Sounds like a plan to me!!