View Full Version : How to make monogram letters with PSP8

10-21-2005, 06:24 PM
I would like to learn how to make big monogram letter to match papers in PSP 8
Thank you for your help !

10-23-2005, 08:39 PM
Here's how I do it....
Type a letter of text, promote it to a layer. You should still have the marching ants, leave it selected then open up the paper you want to fill the letter with & using your rectangular selection tool, select an area approximately the size of your letter. Edit - Copy. Go back to your letter, Edit - Paste INTO (make sure it's the paste into or it won't work). Deselect, and you're done!

10-27-2005, 11:51 AM
((Traci, Im gonna have to try your way...it may be easier...:regular_s ))

Im not sure if you are still around fonseca97, but...

This is how I do it...so far! ;)

*Open the pattern you want to use for your letter....

*Open a new page (500 x 500 / 300 dpi / transparent b/g)

*Type the letter in the font you want... (this also works with soild colored chipboard letters you may have from other kits if you want to recolor them)

*Go to your color palette, click on the pattern icon (this is a circle with 3 lines -- its under the black circle icon)

*Then click on the pattern that filled the color palette box (-it will not be the one you want)

*This will open a new box.... the patttern you just clicked on will be there -next to it is an arrow pointing down click it....this will give you more pattern options

*The pattern/paper you want in there, click on it.

*Go to the fill icon (paint can on the left) and just fill your letter....

*Whaa-laa!! its filled with you pattern!!

--This sounds compliacted, its super easy! I went into alot of details cuz Im not sure how well you (or maybe other newbies like myself) know the program.... if you know the basics of where things are, its a breesz!! =)

HTH!! Good luck!! =) Lemme know if I confussed you!! ;)