View Full Version : who wants to be my special helpers?!

10-27-2005, 11:05 AM
(I'm posting this here -- and a few other places, too -- because I want everyone to have a fair chance to get on the list, so it's truly representative of the whole digi-scrappin' community.)

I'm looking for digi-girls I can put on an e-mail list, that I can contact with very specific questions with a quick turn-around. This is both for my blog, and for my other projects I'm involved with. I want anyone who is willing to chime in with their opinions/knowledge and will answer the e-mails in the same day. Some weeks I may ask you 4 different things, some weeks you may not hear from me at all -- it depends on what I'm working on and what I need.

There's no reward or motivation for being in this group, aside from the fact that you will have a small say in what info gets put on my blog and other places. You don't have to know a lot about digi-scrapping or the subculture, I just want people with opinions and the unique point of view that I know you all have.

I have an e-mail just for this: jendigiscrap at gmail dot com. E-mail me there if you're interested.

*note*: this isn't meant to replace time spent here at all. I just need people who I can ask very specific things about, directly.