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03-18-2010, 10:56 AM
Good Morning! I'm so excited to introduce Fuss Free: Set Two (http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/product.php?productid=22173) ~ a set of four templates created so you can create richly layered layouts quickly and easily.

These templates are available at The Digichick and are 20% off for a limited time.

I hope you enjoy!

http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab123/tdcteam/Cheryl/Fiddle-Dee-Dee%20Designs/fdd_fussfreeset2_600.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/shop/product.php?productid=22173)

These are my layouts that inspired these templates:


03-18-2010, 12:04 PM
wow these templates rock!!!!

03-18-2010, 02:44 PM
Lovin your templates Cheryl!!!!!

03-18-2010, 06:38 PM
I lurve them too.......:D...such great details, helps me alot!!

03-18-2010, 06:40 PM
total awesomeness girlfriend~!

Stacey Jewell Stahl
03-18-2010, 11:42 PM
Cheryl, you are a clustering Queen, and your layouts provide such wonderful composition. Bravo!

03-24-2010, 05:51 PM
So pretty! I wub them! :love:

03-25-2010, 02:51 PM
I picked up set one Fuss Free Room-To-Breathe before your new set came out, darn it! But I was so pleased how adaptable it was for my layout, I am a little template challenged, LOL! Thanks for letting me play with them, guerl!....:D

Stacey Jewell Stahl
03-30-2010, 05:03 PM
Here are my layouts with this set. I LOVE YOUR TEMPLATES, Cheryl!!

http://www.thedigichick.com/gallery/data/1587/PerfectMoment_SJS.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=60621&ppuser=5450)

http://www.thedigichick.com/gallery/data/1587/Shades_SJS.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=59085&ppuser=5450)

http://www.thedigichick.com/gallery/data/1587/StrikeAPose_SJS.jpg (http://www.thedigichick.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=58567&ppuser=5450)