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07-11-2005, 12:48 AM
I know that this is a hot topic - mac or pc. I have read a few things about them both and there are many opinions.

I have always used a pc but recently I have seriously considering switching to mac. The biggest reason I have considered changing is because I love to put video in the computer and do fun stuff with it. I have a lot of video of my kids sports and it is fun to do highlight DVDs. I also love to do scrapbooking (obviously because I am here). From what information I have it seems that macs are especially good for graphics and video.

So my question is - should I make the switch? Why do you love your macs?
Right now I use PSP, which I know I can't use with a mac and PSE. I don't know PSE as well as PSP. I also use Corel Draw for other graphics I make - and I would loose that also. So I was wondering if any of you have any good advise in helping me make this decision. Right now my pc is 3 years old and can't handle the video. I either have to do a major upgrade or buy a new computer - mac or pc. So if you have anything to offer - big or small - it would be greatly appreciated.

07-11-2005, 01:13 AM
Do it! You will love a mac! Video is so easy on them. They come with iMovie where you can edit your movies and then also iDVD where you can make them into DVDs -- complete with titles, menus, etc. I haven't done much with video, other than playing around a little, but I think it's a lot easier on a mac. With a mac, everything just works... no complicated extras to install, you can see what the programs are -- no "mystery" files that will ruin your life if you move them. And everything you need (for the most part) comes with your mac. So you know it will work. Also, they've gotten really cross compatible -- if you need to use Microsoft Word for something you can easily share that doc with a pc user. Actually, your mac with come with a text editor (and I think you can save files as docs that Word can read) so you might not even need to get any other programs.

One thing I'll say, which I'm sure you already know, is that working with graphics and video is very space consuming. I have a 1.2 GHz PowerPC G4 Processor and 512 MB DDR SDRAM of memory (umm, I don't really know what all that means) and I do find that when working in PSE, saving files seems to take a bit of time. So if you need a lot of speed, get more than what I have. :) Everything else I do doesn't take much time at all and the slowness of saving files in PSE is really the only little complaint I have.

I've been a mac user since they first came out so if you need any more info, feel free to email me and I'll help as much as I can! You can also go to an Apple store and talk with the people there about more technical stuff. I'm sure they'd also be able to answer any questions and you could get some hands-on play time!

Good luck with your decision. My mac is my "significant other" right now and it's a wonderful relationship! :) I think you'd be happy if you went in that direction.

07-11-2005, 11:10 AM

I've also been using Apples and Macs since they've been out (a million of years ago, but if I tell you when, you'd know how old I really am...).

Almost everyone in the design community use one. You can't go wrong with them. Cosy is right. It does take a lot of memory to run design applications. So when you get you gorgeous new shiny Mac, remember to get lots of RAM. I have 1 gig in mine. And also a big hard disk. These kits take a lot of memory!!! :)

One of the great things about Macs is that there are so few bugs written for them!!

You are right that the apps you have won't work in the Mac. I have the Creative Suite 2. It's great for my other job (LOL!) as a graphic designer. It has Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, Go Live (web design), and a host of other goodies. It's pricey though.

You should go to an Apple store or log into their website. The computers are so cool right now. Thos Mac Cinema Displays are to die for! I'm dying to get a new one!

Go now!!! :) (enable, enable...)

07-11-2005, 11:22 AM
I saw a MAC laptop at Nebraska Furniture mart that caught my eye....sigh. So, answer me this....

Will my digital camera software work on it? I have the DRebel.

It wouldn't happen till next year, but GOSH I want a laptop, so if I have one then I have a PC computer and a MAC laptop and that would be damn cool!

What web editing software does everyone use with MAC?

07-11-2005, 05:30 PM
Holly, your DRebel stuff will work on Mac. The Mac also comes with iPhoto, which is what I use to organize my photos.

About web stuff. I no nothing about web design. Heck I was going to email you with questions the other day... LOL! (You were saved because you've been busting your behind getting this up!)

That said, I have GoLive because it came with my Creative Suite. A few of my web designing friends like it.

07-11-2005, 07:27 PM
yes your camera will work witha mac.

The #1 reason to get a mac: they arent absoulete in 2 years!!!

07-11-2005, 07:56 PM
For organizing photos, I use iPhoto too.

For layouts I use PSE 3.

For web pages I use Dreamweaver.

Most big software companies do make compatible versions for Macs these days. Some small, specific software might not work but you can always get Virtual PC and run Windows on it. It's a little slow but if you HAVE to use an PC only program, you CAN!

07-12-2005, 02:37 PM
I made the "switch" in October, will never go back.
Please make the switch, you will never regret.

07-12-2005, 04:08 PM
Absolutely get a Mac! I'm sure you have heard all the pros and cons,
but the only real con is getting mac versions of your graphics and word processing software! I love my powerbook,imac,older G4 tower,and even older G3! We are diehard mac fans here!


07-12-2005, 07:18 PM
Okay, you guys have fueled my desire as well. My only concern is *ahem* the COST!!!!! I mean, I am just not sure I can afford a 2500.00 baseline computer! Is this thing going to have to be upgraded in a couple of years?

(DH is in Medical School in August, we are POOR KIDS NOW!)

Tehehe Jen

07-13-2005, 07:52 PM
Jenn...upgrade?!?!?1 a mac....unheard of they last forever!!! Unlike PCs they are not absoulete in 2 years

07-13-2005, 09:57 PM
Really?!!! That is so cool! Now I just have to convence Kevo that I NEED one... I do have one strike against me already though, the friggin dell catalogue came in the mail today! Sheesh!

07-13-2005, 10:31 PM
toss it! We got a Dell (bc DH insisted on having a PC) and I've had to call bc its already crashed twice and its less than a year old!

07-13-2005, 11:25 PM
Have two dells in the house now, and guess what, everyone wants to use my Mac. My dh bought me an Imac G5, I use is specifically for photos and scrapping, internet, and other minor uses. I got the middle version, not baseline and not high end (though most people rave about the big screen.)
Think it was just under $2000, and I've only had to add PSE. The dells are constantly infected and crashing. My mac keeps on tickin like the energizer bunny. Unless you have the need to make big software investment, try one out.

07-14-2005, 11:02 AM
Okay, now here comes the "Girlie" question... I have seen some that have really cool Colors on the outside... which ones are they? The only ones I can find are on Apple.com and are silver? Does anyone know what I am talking about?

Chicks rock!

07-17-2005, 01:25 AM
Jennifer, if DH is in school, chances are he can get one through his school for way way less. And software too, including the whole Creative Suite 2 for about $400. It's about $1200 for everyone else. Mac gives amazing college discounts!!! And you don't really need a Power Mac. The new IMacs are incredible!

I have a Power Mac G4 from about 5 years ago, and with some more RAM and a hard drive, it's still HOT!

07-17-2005, 10:09 AM
Jennifer they dont make the "colorful" ones anymore. you mean like the one Elle had in Legally blonde right?

07-17-2005, 01:51 PM
Like, Totally girl! Heheh, Yeah, I loved those, but that's okay.....

I hadn't thought of the education discount!!! Off to the website to check that out!

Thanks for all of your help in this!!!!


07-17-2005, 01:57 PM
Question straight from Dear ole' Kevo----

On my dell that I have now, it has a 2.0 GHZ processor... not fast enough for us... The Ibook shows 1.2GHz PowerPC G4 Processor....

His question is that the Dell is substantially larger? WIth our PC the larger the processor the faster our computer will run.

Is that the same with the Macs?

Please know that I am sooo not smart enough for this question, so DH is standing by!


Miss Susan
09-04-2005, 01:44 PM
No - it's not. PC's sound like they're faster because they have a faster mhz chip, but in reality a 1ghz PC chip is about equal in speed to a 600-800mhz on a Mac. The reason it's different is the way the data is processed. The Macs use CISC management - which needs less mhz to do the same thing, and PC's use RISC - which *needs* more power to do the same thing.

You can't compare mhz to mhz with Macs and PC's because they power manage differently.

11-11-2005, 06:10 PM
go for it! i was a big time pc user and i was as nervous as you about switching but i did it anyway because im a designer and i knew mac was great for graphics etc. So i switched and havent regret it yet. It's the best. You can delete stuff and not have hidden extras hidden elsewere on the computer. Once you delete its gone, everything. It's super fast too. Like especially me as a designer i usually have tons of softwares open. Like iTunes, iPhoto, Photoshop, etc. open all at once and my computer will not crash. I love it. And it wont slow down either. its great. Now i cant even stand pc anymore haha, i get fustrated when i get on them, i find them so annoying and boring now lol.