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07-26-2006, 12:43 AM
Submit Here (http://www.simplescrapbooksmag.com/mag/submit/form.ihtml)! All due dates are Sunday, July 30, 2006

Call Title Deadline
Share Feature: Meaningful Objects
Often the objects we treasure most are those we associate with specific memories. They may be family heirlooms or handmade gifts, small trinkets or oversize furnishings. Submit a page about the object that means the most to you. 7/30/2006

Make the Most of It
Each issue Donna Downey proves the versatility of a popular scrapbook supply. For January/February, sheíll spotlight one reader-submitted page that uses acrylic paint in an innovative way. To show Donna your page, click the link below. 7/30/2006

Focus on Photos
This issue we want photos that capture the spirit of a relationship. Photos can be posed or candid, feature family or friends, and include any number of people (or none at all). Submit your best photo, and tell us what makes the relationship special. 7/30/2006

Write From the Heart
Send us your best journaling. Whether your words are funny, sentimental, honest or lighthearted, we want to see them. Your journaling can be short or long, as long as itís legible (no cursive fonts, please). Retype your journaling in the box provided on the form. 7/30/2006

Fast Album Formula
Have you discovered an easy, creative idea for a theme album? One that organizes your story in an inventive way, uses coordinated products and employs the same design schemes throughout. Send us four to six album pages, and tell us about your approach. 7/30/2006

My Favorite Album
Which of your albums would you most hate to part with? Send up to six pages from your album, along with a brief explanation of why itís your favorite. 7/30/2006

Our Readers
Show us your latest pages, and tell us why you love them. This month weíre looking for pages about winter, love and relationships, family (especially older children and adults), and other seasonal topics. 7/30/2006

Simple Inspirations
Have you created pages inspired by our July/August issue or Scrapbook Shortcuts with Quizzes and Questions? Show our online readers! Donít forget to credit your source of inspiration and describe what caught your eye. 7/30/2006

Simple Schemes
We're looking for layouts that show creativity but stick closely to Cathy Zielskeís scheme. 7/30/2006

07-26-2006, 12:49 AM
thanks rachel!