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    No, no, no, no, NOOOOO!

    Ever totally lose your grown-up cool with kids? My 3 nephews spent the night last night and I went upstairs to find my Johnny (8) and his cousin (10) wrestling IN MY BED! Under the cover, throwing pillows around and toys ALL over the place.



    LOL! Ok, seriously, nothing wigs me out more than finding kids (esp. ones that aren't mine) playing in my bed and room. They have 2 bedrooms that they can trash and a whole house to wrestle in... STAY OUT OF MY ROOM!

    I tell ya, their eyes were bugged out big time, lol!

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    LOL I hear ya on the one room that is mine....but that is my computer/scrapbook area. I am not a happy camper when the girls sneak in here to play or use my scrapbook supplies. If they ask permission - that is different but man, just a pet peeve of mine!
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    scared the kids did ya aye!
    I understand. I'm like Darla though. I don't want them near my desk with all my scrapping stuff. Even if they are just sitting in my chair minding their own business, I'm like "step away from the computer!!!" Mean huh?

    I guess I really am Crabbygrinch Wickedfoot!

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    Oh VAL- I totally yelled at my kids last night for dumping my shampoo in the bath. That's the thing that gets me... Leave my bath goo, makeup etc... the heck alone!!!!!!!!!

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    We have the same rule. I HATE toys in by bedroom and I tell the kids we have toys everywhere in this house including the bathrooms it seems, but NOT MY BEDROOM! It's the 1 place I want to walk without tripping and the one place that I'd like it to look the same when I walk into it as I left it.

    But inevitably my kids end up in there sometimes too....and I would have flipped out too!! LOL!

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    LOL, I know what you mean about other people's kids, but I let my own kids play in my room...... my mom and stepdad were really weird about their bedroom when I was growing up and I just can't be like that because of it......
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    I lose my cool all the time :embaresse.

    hmm, I have no kids free zones. I wish I did but I never thought of it until too late.

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    Good. I hope they learned their lesson. I'm like you. I have to have one room I can call my refuge. Don't feel guilty, they deserved it.

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    lol - same peeve here... no one is allowed in the master bedroom... my kids IF I'm in there but I HATE when other ppl are in there... just feels weird...

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    Yeah, I don't mind too much if it's just my kids. But I still don't like them rough-housing. I make Eden keep all her Polly Pockets and other small things in my room because she kept dumping them all over the place and losing them... so she's allowed to sit on my bed and play with them.

    I remembered today that one of things I yelled at the boys last night was, 'I don't want sinky boys in my bed!!!" LMAO!

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