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Thread: Congrats Deanna

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    Talking Congrats Deanna

    Got permission to post lol not stealing her thunder ( I hope)xxx
    A HUGE Congrats goes out to Deanna and Dean. The newest member of the Hall Clan was born on Friday at 2:30am weighing 6lbs 1oz!

    Tyson John Douglas - YES A BOY!!! is doing fine and so is mummy.

    Apparently she is dyslexic ( her words not mine) and she had my incorrect phone number so she is already at home! ( it's ok Deanna..I still love you!)

    Congrats sweetpea and I can't wait to see him.

    Love ya loads and sorry I couldn't be there!

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    Congrats Deanna!!! Can't wait to see him

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    Congrats-- can't wait to see the sweet little boy!!

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    Yay! Super excited! Can't wait to see pictures

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    WHoohoooo! Congratulations, girl!!!

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    Congratulations, Deanna!! Can't wait to see him! Everything must have gone well if you're already home...yay!!!

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    Congrats!!! And thanks for the update!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Woooohooooo, congrats!!!

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    awe thanx Auntie P...i feel like such a dork...flipped 2 numbers on her phone...bah...anyways..things went aweseome!!!1 went into labor before from 0 to finish....4 hours... maybe 10 killer contractions...2 we left thursday night at 11:00pm from home, and arrived back home Friday at 8:30 pm, talk about wham bam thank you ma'am!

    feeling SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!! natural labor is the way to go! and Im so thankful!
    Ry loves him, jackson wants to poke at his eyes..LMAO!..

    bbiab..gonna go snuggle before the rest of the clan gets home!
    deanna hall photography

    Im so far behind in scrapping..its not FUNNY! its been over a year!:26:

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    awww congrats happy for you and can't wait to see the pictures!
    ~ Darla ~

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    Big congrats! Glad everything went well!!!
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    Yay!! I'm so happy for you and your family!! Congrats, Deanna!

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    Congrats Deanna!! Cant wait to see the pics!!
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    because well, college is a mojo stealer!

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    WOOHOO!!!! So happy to see you posting! No worries bout the phone # just glad it's over for you. Now we can finally meet up! I say Vegas and no kids!!! LOL

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    YAY! I am SO glad everything went so well! Congratulations!

    Once a chick, always a chick!


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    Awww! This is fantastic! Yay for brothers! CONGRATS!!!

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    Congrats Deanna!!!!

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    Oh - yay!!! Congrats Deanna and Hall family!!!! And Welcome to Tyson!!!

    He shares a birthday with my hubby, who turned 40 on Friday!:party:

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    Yayayaayyyy!!!! Congrats!!!!
    Kimberly Giarrusso

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