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    ahhh it's my turn to drunken post!

    can't let others have all the fun... i've been drinking and designing tonight! LOL! there's no law against that is there? hehehehe... my life has been so cruddy lately, and i hate to drink to fix a bad mood. but tonight has been so much fun! i bought myself a new johnny cash cd and a bottle of rum! mmmm... did you know, i rarely listen to anything other than johnny cash while i design? my hubby totally thinks there is something wrong with me. good thing he likes johnny cash too or else he'd try to chuck my puter out the window! :retarded: so where's the drunken smilies??? i really don't think i am seeing all the available smilies here. how frustrating! well i suppose i ought to go to bed. i really am supposed to work tomorrow but not until like 11. here's to hoping i'm not hungover! LOL!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself! Bah, nothing wrong with a little rum relaxer when you're needing it. Just don't get so bad that we have to Betty Ford ya or somethin'

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    hehe I love to work on the pc with a bellini or 2

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    I'm jealous! I'd love a few good drinks! Not such a great idea for a nursing mommy, though maybe it would make Kate sleep!

    Hope things get better for you, honey!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Rachel, I know what you're just want to turn into a little Smurfette...don't you?????

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    How are ya feeling today Rach?? Can't wait to see what you designed!!

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    Man I wish I could do that good of work while Drunk! The bennies of being on a CT! Granted she didn't share the rum tho!

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    lol, Rachel! Glad you had a great night! How ya feeling today??
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    Hehehe, can't wait to see what you designed! LOL! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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    I felt absolutely fine when I woke up this morning and had a pretty darn good day at work except for one irate customer (i didn't make her irate just dealt with the after effects). i was thinking about trying again tonight and seeing what else i could design, but decided to wait a few days so as not to push my luck.
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    I find that as long as you drink as much water, as you did alcohol, plus a bit more, if possible, you won't have a's all about hydration, my friends...heehee
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    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferHowland View Post
    I find that as long as you drink as much water, as you did alcohol, plus a bit more, if possible, you won't have a's all about hydration, my friends...heehee
    Good tip, I'll definitely have to get drunk to check if it really works! LOL

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    LOL I *highly* recommend that you do

    I've been stuck with a killer head cold for the past 5 days, and have had a drink 2 of those's amazing how it takes away the head cold crap...even if just for a night We are actually ALL sick here, and my hubby tried having some wine, and then rum when the wine didn't work for him, and it just never made him feel better...I'm just blessed by the alcohol gods, me thinks LOL
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