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    Change 1-Letter Word Game #2

    stolen from another site.....

    The object is to change one letter ONLY, and make a new word. You can drop a letter or add a letter, but only change one thing. You have to keep it going until no one can make another word. You CANNOT play off of your own word. NO PROPER NOUNS AND NO ACRONYMS ALLOWED! Each word played must be able to be verified in Latin botanical definitions will no longer be accepted.

    When no one can make another word. That's the end of the game. The last successful person is the winner.

    player 1-dark
    player 2-dart
    player 3-tart

    Also, you can't repeat a word that was previously used. Ex: word words word wouldn't work. If you want to make sure that your word was not previously used you can use the "search this thread" button at the top of the game thread.

    In an effort to clarify which plays were actually valid and which were not, we've been editing some of our posts. If you play a word and get beat to the punch or just use an incorrect word, you can edit your post and add a * directly before the word you played. This way the invalid play will NOT show up when someone searches the thread for a word.

    We'll Start With: Late

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    I think I did this right????

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