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Thread: Let's count...

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    Let's count...

    If you left a message everytime you checked the site today, how many messages would you have left....
    I think for me it may be 10-15ish. How 'bout everyone else? Are you as excited as I.


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    Lol, at least 7! I have not been able to access the site before and I am dying to go shopping!!

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    I think I have left about 15 to twenty by now.....that is including the forum and the
    ~ Paula Duncan ~

    ~MY BLOG~

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    so far today, its at least five...and i've only been fully awake for 90mins. Seriously, we need to get lives, LOL.

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    OK - I'm back again!!! Is it time yet??? I feel like I'm taking a trip somewhere and am doing the are we there yet thing! LOL!

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    I'm sure Holly is diligently working! Let's all say together ... I CAN WAIT! ... I CAN WAIT!!!!

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    Poor Holly... I'm sure not one of us is more excited than she is to get this stuff done. It's gonna be SO worth it!

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    101 - 102 - 103

    LOL! Are we there yet???

    What's that saying... a watched pot never boils?

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    ya'll are killing me - promise THIS month it will be up!
    Holly McCaig

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