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    No wheels for me today :(

    The car's been acting weird so John took the van to work and left me with the job of taking the car down to the auto shop. It's down the street so I just have to drop it off and walk home. But now I'm stuck in the house till they get around to examining and fixing it. Hmm... what am I gonna do here all day?

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    design design design! lol

    I hate that. I don't mind being at home all day long if I have the option of going when I feel like it, but I hate knowing that I'm stuck here!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll have my SIL pick up Eden for school and I might start going through Johnny's train wreck of a room while she's gone. I know he's way too old to have his mom clean his room, but I've got to do something. It is one huge mess of Legos and food wrappers and electronic things he's dismanteled. He doesn't even know where to start.

    Right now I'd rather scrap than design anything. Got some pretty pink papers from Jen Wilson last night to work on a Valentine's page and I want to play with Heather's Be Happy kit some more.

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    Have fun cleaning Johnny's room! Micah is even older than him and sometimes, I still have to kick the kids out so I can overhaul the room!!! And he is so bad about having wrappers stuffed everywhere - hiding the evidence!
    Oh, and even though I am pretty much ALWAYS at home (except when I'm picking up the kids), I hate it when I'm left without a vehicle & knowing that I'm stuck there. You never know, I might actually want to venture out of the house that day...

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    That's how I feel every day (we only have one car) so I know how you feel!
    My mom occasionally cleaned the boys' room even when they were old enough to do it themselves; she usually had a full garbage bag when she was done. (I'll never forget when they came home from school and said, "oh, thank you, mommy!" because the room looked so nice, until they realized she'd also decluttered and gotten rid of toys!!!)

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    Everytime I clean Eden's room I throw out at least a plastic shopping bag of stuff away. Trash and stuff she doesn't use anymore. I hate 'stuff' hanging around. Less is more, right? I'll have to take a photo of what his room looks like right now so you can all gasp at the sight.

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    hope your car gets fixed soon. I'm a homebody and don't mind staying at home. but I hate feeling like I'm stuck at home.

    so you're home alone? I'd be soooo on the computer.

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    Good luck with Johnny's room! I'm addicted to my car, even if I usually use it once a week to go grocery shopping, I hate when it's not available... "just in case"! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by meems View Post
    hope your car gets fixed soon. I'm a homebody and don't mind staying at home. but I hate feeling like I'm stuck at home.

    so you're home alone? I'd be soooo on the computer.
    No, Eden's with me

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    oh being without a car about the cleaning of the room though - I can't handle my girls' room that are always a mess but I would play on the computer or scrap instead of cleaning.....hehehe
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    Yeah - another one here who dilikes the "stuck at home" feeling! Cleaning out the kid's room is a good thing when they're not a home to hang on to a bunch of stuff - LOL! I need to how out a bunch of stuff from their rooms too...
    I'm trying to play catch up today with everything!

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    I'm a home body too, but being STUCK without the car is horrible. Although this week I really wanted to go do some stuff and I have a sick kid home from school so now I am stuck WITH a car. LOL! I'm hoping she goes back tomorrow.

    I hate the messy kids rooms too and I also have to just get in there sometimes and organize without's the only way!!! It's a lot easier to throw out someone else's junk than my own. LOL!

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