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    It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you. YvetteSanders's Avatar
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    I am officially an idiot!

    I have been fighting with my computer all day, trying to upload 2 layouts, I couldn't upload anywhere! I disconnected the wireless router, rebooted several times, I was just about ready to call my provider when I realized I was trying to upload my full size psd files DUH!

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    Yep, done it before too!
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    Well at least you figured it out before you called your provider! I'm sure they would've got a good laugh from that call LOL!
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    Here, there and everywhere!! chloe's Avatar
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    LOL! I can relate!!

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    TDC's Resident Mama Nonnie917's Avatar
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    I can relate too.

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    how funny! I've tried to do the same

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    LOL! That's funny...I have done that too!!!

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    HA! No - you're not an idiot, Yvette We all goof sometimes!!! Glad you got it worked out!

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    LOL, I hate when that happens!
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    lol man hate to admit it - but done that too....hehehe....glad you figured it out....
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    Oh well I am so glad its just not me who does things like that! I swear I felt like a complete drongo when I had to explain to the isp dude that oh no don't worry I have sorted it out! I am sure he got a great laugh out of it!

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    It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you. YvetteSanders's Avatar
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    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Well...I'm really glad I'm not the only one! But most of all, I'm glad I figured it out BEFORE I called my internet provider LOL!

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    hee hee...that's so cute hee hee. Cute b/c it happened to you...if it happened to me I would be so frustrated too lol.

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    I've done it too so you are so not alone in this

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    I think we all have done that!

    I am having more low-tech troubles today... almost finished a quilt for my best friend's new baby... but have made one dumb mistake after another cutting the binding (first time I've ever made a scalloped border, so first time making bias binding). Argghhh... I should've stopped when I cut my finger with my rotary cutter, but noooo, I had to keep going until I sewed everything together wrong, started cutting and THEN realized it was wrong... ugh...

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    LOL!!! Well, at least it wasn't anything "wrong" with your computer!! That is pretty crazy and frustrating sounds like something I would do :p
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