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    Prayers for my FIL please...

    DH's dad suffered from Peretinits (colon rupture) in Jan '05. We'll he's worn a colostomy bag ever since. He is FINALLY having the reversal surgery today, all day.

    Its very extensive. He is in surgery as I type.

    Also... b/c of this I am all by myself (and I have been since dinner last night), with DH about 2 hours away. Lets also pray that nothing happens until DH comes home later tonight!

    Thank You!

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    Well wishes for your FIL hoping everything goes will. And tell the little one to hold off until Daddy gets home.

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    Praying for both to go well. :>


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    oh Andrea - I am sorry you are alone right now and hoping things will be ok....definitely have prayers for you and your family......
    ~ Darla ~

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    Sending healthy vibes his way!

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    (((hugs))) Andrea. Prayers for your FIL and that baby holds on until your DH gets home!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    {{{HUGS}}} Hoping for an uneventful surgery and quick recovery!!

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    Definitely sending "no baby" vibes your way today and thoughts of your FIL. Keep us posted!

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    Don't you DARE go into labor right now! Keep us updated on your FIL!

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    Yes yes! Thanks for reminding us. I'm praying for a perfect surgery for your FIL- no complications!
    And I'm tellin' ya, the 7th is a great day!!! I'm feelin' it for ya! LOL!

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    Actually... Did ya'll know that my SIL comes here a bit now too?


    Gen's Gallery

    This is Nate's sis, and so she's at the hossy with the rest of the Burns' crew too! Its 1:30 pm and FIL's still under.....

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    I didn't know she was your SIL! That's cool! Still sending good vibes your way and healthy ones to your FIL!

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    FIL update~ he came out of surgery at about 3:30. It was a little more extensive than they thought!

    It looks like he'll be in the hossy till AT LEAST Friday... it all depends on his food intake.

    Nate is on his way home now, but everyone else is waiting for him to wake up.

    YAY! THANK YOU for your prayers!!

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    So glad that the surgery is complete and over and wishing him a speedy recovery!

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    Yeah, good to know he made it. Now all we need is a speedy recovery and that baby to make an entrance anytime (after dad get's home of course)!


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    Glad to hear that the surgery is done...and now you can have the baby...

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    Thank you to everyone who kept Dad in your thoughts & prayers yesterday. I was able to see him after surgery & he was in good spirits (although pretty drugged) and his color was really good--such a different situation than last year! Now we're ready for Nate & Andrea's sweet baby boy to make his arrival!

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