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    drunk chicks

    drunk chicks unite! i am having a drunk night tonight. my little brother curtis came to visit last night and it totally rocks. except that i got wayy drunk tonight. so i am on my hubbys lkaptop cux i can';t move off the couch. in fact i am so very dizzy that i am going to sleep here on the couch tonight, anyhow how's everyone doing tohight> i'm so glad that my brother came to visit. american pie presents band camp is on one og the two tvc stations we get and it is reallyh funny while drunk, anyhow i think i am going to go sleep this off a bit now, please talk to me later. okay? you rock!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    hee hee...I love drunk typing

    Night night

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    LOL, Rachel, good luck I hadn't a computer available yesterday evening or I could have joined the drunk chicks unit! LOL You rock!!

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    Hee Hee...sounds like you had fun

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    Drunk posts are my favorite!!!!!!! Youre making me want a glass of wine and its only 2pm!
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    just a mild headache and really thirsty today. thank goodness cuz there's about to be a showing at my house.
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    Rachel, you make me laugh! LOL I had a drink last night but was off to bed before you posted...wasn't drunk, but I was starting to feel a bit silly. I seriously can't hold my liquor. Half a bottle of beer can do me in LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by *Jeannie* View Post
    tahw fi ew epyt sdrawkab?
    LOL!!! Too bad she went off to would have been fun to see her try to decipher that!

    I had some drinks last night to, Rachel...I spent my time on the phone with my mom instead of here...still had fun, but was really wanting to jump into a chat room and freak people out!! LOL
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    HA HA!! you gals crack me up!!

    I remember reading the first drunk post I read here! LOL!! Val--you had me ROFL!!!

    hugs to you!

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