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    an awww moment...

    Yesterday as my DD, 4, and the neighbor boy, 2, were playing I overheard my DD say "I will drop you off at the swings." So they get on the power wheels 4 wheeler and Zoie drives him over to the swings and he gets off. As she is driving away she says "I'll see you later honey, I love you." and drives away.
    And today he tells his mom he needs to pick her flowers to give to Zoie.
    It was too cute... now.

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    Omgosh that is too cute!!
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    Awww...How sweet! Gotta love a guy that brings flowers

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    awwwwwwwwwwww.....that is sooooo sweet!!

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    It's so cute to hear little ones playing at being big! (lol, at this being cute "now" yeah, in about 10 years that'll be cause for worry!!)

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    omigosh, that is the cutest story! how sweet! guess your DD has some good examples in the romance dept :wink_smil

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