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    What Celebrities do you look like?

    I asked this once before, but a few days ago I discovered that there is actually a website that figures it out for you! You have to register but it's free, and it was hilarious to see what it came up with (and the celebrity I always hear about, was the last one they offered as a look-alike, which was hilarious to me!)

    Here's mine, and you can follow the link to get yours!

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    Here's mine:

    It's funny because people have always said I look like Nicole Kidman...her name popped up, too, but not as one of the top 8. Anyway, that's a pic from when I was 60 pounds lighter. Maybe I can get back there some day!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    This is fun but so not true LOL

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    I totally see Beyonce in you. Seriously. And Charlene, I see Julianne Moore. Sinead, I see the Christie Brinkely for sure. I've been told my whole adult life that I look like Sela Ward, I don't see it so much since I've gained weight, but lemme test it.

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    Ahh thanks Val and we are both from Houston LOL
    I need to lose weight!!

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    I'll have to try this in a bit! But I get Claire Danes (think Romeo & Juliet), Jennifer Garner, and Sandra Bullock alot!

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    well thanks, Val!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    okay - i don't really see most of these - with the exception of allison hannigan, i guess. funny, but people have always told me phoebe cates. and, can i just say that one of the results was DAKOTA FANNING?!?! i seriously don't see the resemblance there!

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    The kids and I sat there for hours putting in pics a few weekends ago! It was hysterical!!!!!!
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    Here's DH because I thought it was fun:

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    Here's mine... I did it twice and Jessica Alba popped up both times (and she's a hottie so I can't complain! lol)

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    I'll have to try this out when I get home. My coworker always says that I look like Chloe Savigney... I don't see it though.
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