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Thread: leaving now!

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    leaving now!

    i'm leaving right now for closing on my first house!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    That's so exciting Rach!!! Post some pics when you get a moment!!! Yeah!!!!

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    congrats!!! we're supposed to close on our house (other end: selling) today as well! The paperwork is not in to the title company though and it is 1:00 so I think it may be delayed..... oh well! SOON!!!

    Congrats on your first house!! Enjoy moving in and making it all perfect!

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    WOOHOO Rachel! Congratulations!! How was it ?!?!?! Totally nerve-racking? Or freeing?

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    Yay!!!!! Can you run over the to house and snap a picture? Right after we closed on our house we went over there to rip the nasty carpet out and wander around the yard and stuff. It was fun and I love looking at those pictures, knowing it was first time we walked into our very own house.

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    Congrats!! Hope your arm doesn't fall off, signing the piles of papers they hand you

    Nothing like walking into YOUR house for the very first time. *sigh* (we closed 6 days ago) It's so exciting

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    Oh congrats, enjoy your new home.

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    Woohoo! I swear, I told dh that closing on a house (with that 30 year commitment, in our case...) was just as scary and exciting as going to the hospital to give birth, lol!

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    Don't forget to get a picture of you standing in front of the "SOLD" sign before the sign company removes the sign...


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    well the sign's not there and my camera is broken... but it's all mine now! speaking of closing as being as exciting as going to the hospital and giving birth... my sister is at the hospital right now getting ready for her c-section!!! woohoo! baby claire is coming tonight!!!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    Yay!!! Congrats Rachel... and Kimberly... and Charlene!

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    oh, and congrats on the baby niece, too gotta love babies! Hope everything is going well with your sister and Claire!

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    WOW, what an exciting day for you Rachel! Congrats girl.

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