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    Any Watch American Idol?

    It's still an hour before it's on here & I have mixed feelings about it - I can't wait to watch it, but I hate to see any of them go home. Those last 3 are the best and all deserve to win! I have no idea who it will be...

    Anyone else gonna watch?

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    I kind of watched when it started, but lately I would just rather watch something else. I still like to see who gets kicked off and stuff though.

    I'm sorry, but I don't care for Melinda. She is an amazing singer, but she just doesn't seem like she would be a good "American Idol", you know? I guess I judge it on who I would most like to see perform in concert (not that I have seen any past winners perform in concert) and Melinda is not it for me. I think Jordin is great and I also like Blake. I know Melinda will stay tonight though.

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    Ya, that's how I feel. This year wasn't my favorite for a long time, but lately it's been good. But ya, even though I think that Melinda is probably the "best" singer, she is not the most fun to watch. I think you're right and she will stay.

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    Really? I love Melinda! I love that she rocks anything she sings and that she's so modest and unassuming--in that way I guess she's not like any of the past winners. I find her refreshing. She just makes me smile.

    Either way--all three will have a career in the music business. I think that Melinda is the best, even though I don't think she'll win. My money is on Jordin to win. She has youth, powerful talent, and is closer to "the look." I love Blake, but I think he's going this week.

    We'll see how it goes!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Originally I was rooting for Jordin and Blake...mainly Jordin. But yesterday Melinda did blow me away. It really doesn't matter who the final 2 are...they are all amazing.

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    I LOVE Melinda, but....I hope for her that she DOESN'T win. She's going to get a recording contract no matter and I hope for her that she'll be able to do more negotiating and have more of a voice in her album.

    My money is on Jordin to win it. Ditto Sinead's reasoning I'm too lazy to type it out! LOL!

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    Holy cow!!!! What were they smokin'!?!?!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    i missed simon's response when ryan asked what the judges thought. (the dvr switched over to record lost and i missed it.) what did he say?

    gosh...i just hate that she's gone and i'm shocked! but, i think that a record deal will for sure come out of this for her she's so awesome!

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    Jordan's from here in Phx! They had alot of press following here around the day she was back here, so she was on the news alot that day...

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    All I know is I heard a lot of yelling from my hubby in the living room. I think he was in shock.....

    All three are great in my book. I just can't get over that Jordin is only 17!
    Heather aka MuddyPawPrints


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    After tonight, I am done with Idol. That show is FIXED!!! I was a big fan of Melinda's and I cannot believe what happened tonight. That is why I think the show is fixed. Sorry, but Blake just is NOT that good. For that reason I hope Jordan wins it.

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    OMG!!! I couldn't believe it. I have a theory though... I think a lot of people who were voting for Lakisha switched their votes to Blake. KWIM?

    She handled it SO well. And I agree that she doesn't need the AI title to suceed. She's going to to just fine w/o it.

    Christine, he said something like he was congratulating the two finalists, but he commended Melinda. Trying to be diplomatic, but getting his point in there that SHE should've stayed. Smart move really.

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    I don't think that the show is fixed or Melinda would have stayed since she was obviously Simon's choice. There have been some crazier calls with previous AI's. Some of the most awesome singers were kicked off way too early in past seasons... At least this time all 3 of them were great so there really wasn't a clear choice of who should go! It just comes down do your personal song style/ preference.
    I believe that each of them will end up recording in the long run anyway, regardless of who wins!
    Oh, and I wasn't saying that I don't like Melinda earlier - I think that she is actually the best singer. Her voice is always flawless. I just think the others are more entertaining to watch perform (although she has been stepping it up in that department too lately! overcoming her timidity I think!)

    talking too much... yadda yadda yadda...

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    I think it comes down to who is calling in the votes. I don't know this for a fact, but I bet it is alot of teenagers. And if I was a teenager, I would probably have voted for a) the teenager or b) the cute boy. And maybe I'm wrong about the voting population, but...

    I think that Melinda will be on to bigger and better things. I could totally see her singing on Broadway or something or in a movie, ala Jennifer Hudson!

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    I agree Sarah. I mean, did you see the video of when they went back home??? Dude...Blake had a huge crowd...teenage girls and screaming. Those teenage girls will keep voting for the ENTIRE 2 hours!

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    yeah, i totally agree about the teenage vote. i mean, who in the heck was voting for sanjaya if not the boo-hooing preteen girl !?! i think the younger vote is likely huge and wasn't going to be going to a more mature singer regardless of how great melinda was.

    imo - blake is definitely entertaining and fun to watch. his beatboxing is awesome. my hubby who is a dj loves that he can "scratch" with his voice. but honestly...jordin is a much better vocalist. i think she deserves to win.

    i agree w/ tamra about the fixing thing. there have been a number of surprises in seasons past, and times when the judges have said how wrong america got it. i think it was an unlucky draw for melinda. i expected her to make it to the finale, but i guess that's just the way it goes.

    okay, now that i've written an essay on a reality show and appear to have no life....gotta go do something productive

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    I have had a problem with the way they do the votes on this show for years. I really like the way Dancing with the Stars does it (yep, I'm a reality TV junkie--I watch them all! Ok, not Flavor of Love or I Love New York, but most of them! lol) and has have the votes come from the judges (who know what they're doing) and the other half from the viewing audience.

    No doubt, though, Melinda will have a huge career regardless of when she went out--Blake and Jordin, too. They all appeal to different markets, I think. I think Melinda can do anything, so she'll have her pick, Blake can do the pop/hip hop/blendy thing, and Jordin will probably go pop. Sounds good to me. Clive what's-his-name...the BMG producer guy...struck gold this year!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I don't think it's fixed. I think what happens is the teeny boppers who have nothing better to do vote over and over and over for the whole 2 hours that you can vote so they end up having a HUGE say. I only vote once. And I do think that towards the end it ends up being more of a popularity contest than anything because they all have very good voices. I do think Melinda had the best voice, but I voted for Jordin because I think she'd be a better American Idol. So...I don't think it's fixed and it's not always who has the best voice, but who is liked the best. I just love Jordin! Maybe it's the innocence of being 17...I don't know. But she appeals to me. LOL!

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