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    need XT HELP!!! NOW!!!!

    PLEASE HELP!!! I'm so frusturated. all my pictures are DL as 72 dpi. I cant send stock photos at 72 dpi. I have my camera setting on Raw+L. please help..what am i over looking
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    What's your pixel count for the entire photo?

    I just got the rebel xt a week and a half ago. My photos are also downloading at 72 dpi, but they are also 32 inches wide by 48 inches tall. So if I resize the image and set the dpi to 300, but I leave the pixels at 2304 x 3456, I now have a 300 dpi photo that is roughly 7.5 x 11.5 inches.

    But then again, maybe I'm doing something wrong too. Some expert out there feel free to jump in.
    I'm glad a few of us are getting the camera at the same time. We'll have to share tips and help each other out.

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    Yeah...once you set your resolution to 300 DPI in photoshop, all should be well.

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    let me tell you hata suprise that was! they should really mentione that in the manual in big bright letters
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    My Fuji digital does that too but I don't seem to lose quality if I change the DPI to 300 in PSE. I also thought it was weird because my settings are set for the "Fine" or "Best" quality on my camera.
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