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    Anyone else feel this way?

    I feel all cool and honored...
    Shabby Princess "noticed" me :jumping0047: and commented on a layout I did, using some of her stuff.
    Anyone else feel that way about certain designers?

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    That's so awesome! I would be honored as well.

    Happy to be creating for:

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    How cool! I'd be very excited too!

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    Isn't that awesome?!?! congrats

    also creating for:
    Heather Rosselli

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    Cool, Charlene. That's always fun... or at least, i think it would be!

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    Oh heck ya! I love it!! *teeheheee*
    Kimberly Giarrusso

    I create for Ready-Set-Create! Magazine

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    Awww! I totally know what you mean. I scraplifted Ali Edwards at 2Peas once and she commented on it. Talk about a thrill!

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    hee hee, glad to see I'm not the only one who gets excited by this kind of stuff. SP once commented on a LO of mine and I was excited (even though I knew it was just b/c I had commented on her LO). I always think it is cool when a designer comments on layouts of mine that use their stuff.

    And some "big" name once responded to a post of mine at 2ps. I was starstruck. Of course, now I can't remember who it was . . . or what the post was about . . .

    **Creating for Lisa Whitney, Jacque Larsen, and Sweet Shoppe Designs**

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    that is defintiely cool and YES..I feel that way too about certain designers!!!

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