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    Bird is the word dude! Hanging with the Chicks! KimberlyGiarrusso's Avatar
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    Don't let the sugar high end just yet.....

    Don't let the sugar high end just yet.....I have a couple more goodies for your sweet tooth!

    4 brand spankin' new items created just for you! In this ROCKIN' grabbag.
    There is even a super cool 5th link. Wonder what you will find when you open it? Betcha there is a yummy little treat for you.

    This grabbag does not contain any halloween themed products.

    Chick or Treat

    Kimberly Giarrusso

    I create for Ready-Set-Create! Magazine

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    I'm a lucky girl: I've seen a preview! Wowowow! So much yummy stuff in there!!

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