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Thread: How Long?

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    How Long?

    How long does it take for a download to show in my account after making a purchaes through Pay-Pal?

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    I believe it is instantly, someone correct me if I am wrong though.
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    all orders are instant...i'd check your paypal account first to see if you did in fact get charged and your order went through. if not, please email with your payment confirmation from paypal. thanks!
    Holly McCaig

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    Thanks for the answer.....I will send you an e-mail,Holly.


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    Red face

    I also had a problem with my order download not showing up. I'll email the sales dep.!
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    LOL! Must have been a glitch in the order also didn't show up (but it did go through PayPal). I didn't see this thread until now, but I also emailed you, Holly.
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    with any sales boutique problems, please email rather than post here - i could go days before i can read every thread....make sure you email me immediately to get you on the list to help out (in my 24-48 hour turnaround time). thanks!
    Holly McCaig

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