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    I'm SOOOOO excited!!!

    :cheerleader3:My dh came home with my Christmas present a little bit early. Wanna know what it is?.......

    a Nikon D40X!!!

    I am so excited - and he totally tricked me. :approval: My baby done good! :perfect10:

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    Hanging with the Chicks! YvetteSanders's Avatar
    It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you.
    Congratulations Tamra - Great gift!

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    tamra! congrats what a great gift.
    Ct for:


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    woo hoo!! i think you'll be taking the pumpkin patch pictures next time

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    OH COOL!! I am so jealous!! LOL

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    Woo hoo!! That's awesome.

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    Kimberly Giarrusso

    I create for Ready-Set-Create! Magazine

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    oh wow how cool! Congratulations....that is a cool gift!
    ~ Darla ~

    ♥ Also Creating for ♥ SSD

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    What a fabulous gift! I have one at work and I LOVE it!!

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    How did I miss this thread! That is a rockin' gift. You'll have to give me a review of it. My mom just quit smoking and is going to buy herself a camera as a reward! I hope it is as good as they say it is!!!

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    so very cool! Yay dh!
    Jen Blackwell

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