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    So... what did Santa bring you?

    John (er, Santa) was so good to me this year. I got a docking station for iPod and a digital photo frame. We were only supposed to spend $100 on each other, ha! He so blew that. He got a shop-vac (which he asked for) and a new game for his PS3. Johnny's big gift from us this year is a DS Lite and Eden's is a TV for her room. I have 2 of my out-of-town sisters here... what an awesome Christmas!

    (((hugs))) everyone!

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    No Santa gift this year...but DH got me an 80gb iPod Classic for Xmas! And I got him an 8gb Sansa MP3 player...


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    I got an iPod Shuffle!!!! I'm putting music on it now!!!!

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    I got a 500gb EHD (which I will faithfully back up!) and a fancy schmancy flash for my camera that I have no idea how to use! Why is it that the guy who sets the limit on gifts always blows it? Oh well, I guess I was extra good this year

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    I got a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parkers "Lovely" perfume and the new Nigella Lawson cookbook "Nigella Express". Had a great Christmas!!!

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    I got a haircut and Richard got new seats for his sandrail. *we are pretty practical people around here :rofl:
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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenLewis View Post
    I got a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parkers "Lovely" perfume and the new Nigella Lawson cookbook "Nigella Express". Had a great Christmas!!!
    Oh Karen, I LOVE "Lovely"...I've been wearing it for about a year now...although, my new fav is Hillary Duff's "With Love"...SO fantastic

    I didn't get squat, this year...but I did tell my hubby that I didn't want him to buy me anything, so that's why

    The big gifts for my two oldest (11 and 12) were MP3 players...they've had those things in their ears ALL day
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    hmmm, I tell DH that we each got 2 tires since a couple weeks ago we had to replace all four tires on the minivan.

    Val, that's great about being with your sisters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimberlyGiarrusso View Post
    I got a haircut and Richard got new seats for his sandrail. *we are pretty practical people around here :rofl:
    I gotta know - what is a sandrail? Is that a ski-doo for sand instead of snow!

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    I got a 500g ehd, not really for xmas just kinda needed it and dh decided to buy me on with his bonus.. ROFL..
    But we are going to Vegas tomorrow.
    Staying at the Hard Rock hotel, and going to see Blue Man Group.
    with NO kids.. bwahahhahaahahaa!!!

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    What Santa bought me

    Hello everyone,
    Santa was very nice to me this year, I got one of the wacom bamboo tablet, now I have to learn to use it. It takes a little getting a little use to using the pen. If anyone has any pointers about using it please I need all the help I can get.

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    Ooh, sounds like everyone had a great time!

    I got a new 50-200 lens for my camera!!! I had no idea DH even knew I wanted one, so it was a huge surprise, and a really good one!

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    ...I didn't get anything, as hard it is to believe..wahhhhhhhh! My 9 y.o. kept looking under the tree and was so well.

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    I got alot of good stuff from the family (inlaws and my huge family lol) i got
    -tshirt/jacket/sweat jacket/socks/hoodie
    -Food Processor
    -Smoothie Maker
    -Sugarland Cd

    and i think that is all.
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    I got "Understanding Exposure," a flash diffuser, two TDC shirts ()...DH got me a book specifically for Nikon D40/D40X so I can learn more specifics about that camera. (oh, I did get a bunch of non-photography stuff too)
    And MIL gave me the money to get my handwriting turned into a font!!!! YAY!!!!

    DH got a "micro helicopter" from me, his favorite gift (well, 'til his mom got him an iPod Nano!!!)
    And the girls got tons of things that need to be set up and need batteries. They'll be very entertained!
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    I love all our geeky techo things, lol! Only a group of digi-girls would be thrilled about EHDs. LOL! But seriously, Kim... a haircut? :confused:

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    My sister got me Tim Grey's "Lightroom Workflow" book - she seemed surprised that I was all excited to get it!

    Mostly got gift cards or cash/check from family, so I may be getting myself PSCS3 upgrade today.


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    Santa spoiled me this year!

    In addition to the Canon xti that I opened early he got me a Crumpler bag to put it in. And then the last box I opened (he planned this) had a teddy bear in it from a jewelry store. There was nothing else there so I was a little confused. Then Billy got down on one knee and slipped a ring on my finger. It is a gorgeous wedding band. My original one was damaged and I have not worn it in 5 years. He took it and had the diamond mounted in a new setting. I was totally surprised because I thought we were waiting for our 10th anniversary to replace it.

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    That is a great gift Amanda!!! You must have been a very nice girl this year! What a sweet hubs you have!!!

    I totally agree about the gifts we get excited about. That is why I love coming here - chatting with people who just understand me!

    I was going to say something about the haircut Kim - but who knows with all of those kids around that is probably a special treat. :rofl:

    I bought by hubs a dyson hand held vac. My SIL thought I was nuts. She said if she bought her hubs a vacuum for Christmas she would be sleeping in the garage. lol I know he liked it though cause he was revving it up at 1:30 in the morning when he was supposed to be assembling!!!!

    Sounds like almost everyone got great stuff - except for the lack of a gift :break_everything:

    That makes me sad for you. Wish I could share my schtuff with you. If you are ever in Saskatchewan, Canada - look me up! I think I would wet myself a little if I ever actually got to meet any of you face to face! I think I have the best chance of meeting Yvette, she only lives a short 9 hour drive from me!

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    Well, as you probably already know, I got a new camera (Nikon D40X) WOOHOO, and dh got a new laptop plus some new software for it. We are usually super practical like Kim - actually this is probably the first year we have really gotten things for each other for Christmas! (besides the new glasses/contacts, tires, shoes... basically, things we needed to get anyway!)
    The kids were happy with their things, too. My oldest (11) kept saying that this was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! (... we'll see how long that lasts until he is bored with everything and complaining that he didn't get anything good! - does anyone else have one of these children?)

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