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    New Avi...notice anything about it?

    I don't usually advertise when I change my avatars, but I thought people would like the shirt I'm wearing! (and I wasn't sure you'd notice it without being told )

    Like it??

    Hmmm, not sure you can tell what it is. Here's a bigger picture:

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    Woohoo - TDC gear

    ~~~> Click HERE for a good time <~~~

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    oh wow that is really cute as I sit here drinking coffee from my TDC coffee cup! LOL cute jacket!
    ~ Darla ~

    ♥ Also Creating for ♥ SSD

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    darla and charlene great jacket!
    Ct for:


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    That's so cute! I have a digichick hoodie, which is really big, but I still love it

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    That is so cute and what a cute photo too, actually!

    i so need to order one! I think I'm going to ask for one for my birthday...

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    the photo is so cute!!

    and great jacket!

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    Great avi and love the shirt!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    So cute I love your Avi and that shirt is cool :-)

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    cute avi and what stylish clothing

    **Creating for Lisa Whitney, Jacque Larsen, and Sweet Shoppe Designs**

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    That is awesome Charlene! Might have to go find something for myself

    Happy to be creating for:

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    Ack. You enabler you. I have to get one of those TDC hoodies!!



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