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Thread: Web hosts?

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    Web hosts?

    Those of you that have your own domains, can you recommend an affordable & reliable host?


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    for the site, i use hostgator - but it's a dedicated server...
    Holly McCaig

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    I use It's cheap and I've never had any problems.

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    I use and love them they have a TON of storage space and up to 10GB bandwidth transfer per day. Which isnt enough to have people downloading free kits all day every day but for a normal site and a freebie on a blog once in awhile, it's MORE than enough and only $7.88 per month or so.
    Good luck in your search for a host!


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    I use and have been very happy with them... their tech support is wonderful...

    I have heard good things about powweb too... they are located a mile from my house , so if I ever switch I will go with powweb so I can knock on their doors lol

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    From a web designer/ developer's perspective. I don't like powweb. they hook you in with massive storage and bandwidth but what they don't tell you is that your website is spread out among multiple servers. So if you have an online store and the mysql server you're on goes down. your store is down. If you just want it for a simple site to share your digital goodies without use of a store, gallery, or whatever then go for it. I recently heard from someone that powweb has had some security breaches as well.

    I use and I will probably use them forever because they rock

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    Thank you all so much for the replies! It has been a huge help to me!!

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    Well, a little late, lol...but I use, and totally love it! Alicia Hansen and Jessica Bolton use it as well (I know cause Alicia recommended it to both of us, lol, when we needed hosting).
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    hehe...I'm a little late, too. But Yep, I do love nohassle!! I haven't switched over DH's domain to nohassle yet b/c his was prepaid so far in advance, but I have to say that there is a world of difference in the type of customer service that I get from his host, and the customer service that I get from Candi at nohassle! I love her!

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    I use Host Excellence.

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    Thanks so much to all of you who made recommendations. Wading thru all the possibilities was making my head hurt!!!

    I actually do web design and resell hosting out of my home office (when DD is napping anyway!) and I was really HOSED when my former host declared BANKRUPTCY!! ARGH! To top it all off, I get back from being out of the country for a week and have only one day to get everyone moved before they pull the plug on the old server.

    So, I went with No Hassle -- and I am very happy so far. Now if I can only get those DANG DNS servers reset, I would be a happy camper...

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    I use right now, and they give me one on one care when needed!! But I usually have questions about graphics and coding - nothing about the service itself.

    I also have used and had the same response!

    Both are quite affordable, only Fuitadnet is cheaper. I just got a good deal when I took over my site.

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    well, I use E-monsite it's free but it's french! lol!!!

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    I use and have no complaints, they are lower priced too. I use it for my web clients as well.


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    68 no problem so far!
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    my wife might have the best hosting service, she has the ear of the admin almost 24 hours a day lol
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    I JUST went with IXwebhosting. TONS of space for so little money and had live 24 hour support. Andrea C sent me to them. Hope to get my new site up and running in the next week!!!

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