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  • Graphic & Clean

    104 49.06%
  • Shabby

    63 29.72%
  • Grungy

    12 5.66%
  • Funky & Bright

    24 11.32%
  • Heritage

    9 4.25%
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    What's your scrapbook style?

    What's your scrapbook style?
    Holly McCaig

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    we should be able to choose more than one, lol! or at least have an 'all of the above' option.

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    how awesome to scrap many styles! i try sometimes and it just always comes out funky! LOL
    Holly McCaig

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    Well, I voted Shabby, but I actually try a couple of those styles!
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    I love trying on SB styles - I love doing something different.

    Most of the time my pages lean towards a clean, line-it-up look.

    Sometimes I play collage (paper), ultra simple, Becky sketch a LOT. Scraplifts get me to try new things. While lifting another's design, I get to try on a new look (like trying on your friend's clothes). I love playing around!!

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    WOW, I guess that's why I started digi scrapping! (epiphany)

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    I voted for graphic/clean...but I also do Shabby, Grungy, and Funky & Bright. Depends on my mood.
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    I voted shabby, but I think that it's more graphic. I don't know.

    I look at my LOs and think they are bla-zay and not that thrilling.
    (aka Gina)

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    I voted for clean and graphic, but sometimes I also like to try Shabby
    (aka olivia_abi)

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly
    how awesome to scrap many styles! i try sometimes and it just always comes out funky! LOL
    lol! i just go with whatever works for the pictures. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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    I guess there should have been an option somewhere between grapic and shabby... cuz that's what I am too. I like clean lines but love using shabby & grungy looking papers with them.

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    I am definately a clean and graphic scrapper, but since going digital I find that I am using more patterned papers...I don't have that scissor fear that I use to have!

    Heather Roselli

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    I voted "graphic and clean" but usually vary my style depending on the photos and the kit I'm using.

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    Alot depends on the photo and the kit I use but most often graphic and clean..trying to venture out of my comfort zone...LOL...

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    Im never all the sure about what my style is. anyone care to tell me?
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    Well, I voted graphic because I tend to be a very linear scrapper. Despite my love for those cluttered collage layouts, I just can't make them work for me and have layout envy when I see others doing it so well. I think I also fall into the shabby category, though, cuz everything I like has to be a bit distressed.

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    I think I am a clean lines scrapper...Wish I could get the "collagy" look down (in paper sbing too) but think it looks "messy"...=)
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    I voted shabby.. but it really just depends.. I like my papers shabby..but I tend to lean towards a clean layout I think... then again.. that's today..LOL

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    well i voted shabby because i have been leaning towards it recently, but i really would like to try new things and have been trying... i like variety... it's the spice of life, you know!

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