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    ?? about crediting LOs

    Hi Ladies,

    I seem to be having a hard time with this aspect of digi-scrapping. I create my LOs and then don't have anywhere to put the info on crediting so that I'll remember it later. How do you all do this? Do you just upload to the gallery right away in order to preserve the credit info or is there someplace in your software that you can note this information for retrieval later? I use PSE5. Any tips, tricks, ideas?

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    I do it a few different ways. The way I usually do it now, is to have a notepad file in the same folder as my layout, with the complete credits there. Otherwise, I'll use the "file information" (I think that's the name) in Photoshop to track them as I add things.

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    Some actually create a layer at the bottom that is hidden by everything, anyway, and type in their credits there. ACDSee has a batching feature, if you use it, that you keep everything you used in a little box at the bottom. Some use notepad to take notes in, or a writing pad at their desk to scribble down notes.

    I just seem to remember. I do post as soon as I'm done, so it's easy to look at the layout and know everything I put in since it's fresh.

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    I use the "File Info" under "File" in photoshop to store all my credits. As I'm making a page, I just go in and type them in. Then when it's all done, they are all right there stored with the page...

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    i use File Info, too. and before I close the file, I copy it and then paste the credits in the properties tab (go the the folder view of wherever i store my layouts and right click on the file name and then click on properties). That was when I used XP, though...I'm not sure if I can do with Vista.

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    When I first started I was doing a layer hidden underneath the page, but I found it easier for me to get a scrap piece of paper and when I'm finished I write down everything I need to credit. Once it's uploaded to my gallery I throw away the paper. When I have time I copy and paste all the credit information, just in case, into a google notebook/document file.

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    I keep a notepad document open while I am scrapping. Then I transfer all the info into an excel spreadsheet along with a thumbnail of the layout.

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    Dang it! That file info business is handy - I didn't even know that was an option. I'm going to be using that for sure!

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    Great ideas! I use an Excel spreadsheet with several columns: name of LO, date completed, credits, and notes. If it was for a challenge, I keep track of which site and what challenge it was for. I like this method, because I can easily find credits from other LOs and copy/paste as needed.

    I also use PSE 5, which has an organizer that lets you tag all of your images. I use lots of different tags, but I always tag items with the designer and kit name so I don't have to rename files.

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    if i have many different stuff, i use for a layout, i made me notice on a paper.

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    I keep a list of all my elements and their designers in a Word file. As I use them I copy & paste them at the bottom of the page. When I'm done I just copy the entire thing and post it to the site(s) I upload to. Just remember that control "V" is the universal code for paste. Some websites won't let you right click to paste.

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