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    Parenting question

    SAHM's especially, but working moms too...
    How much time do you spend, on average, doing hands-on things with your kid(s)? How much of your day is spent reading to them, pushing them on swings, etc? How much of the time do they entertain themselves?

    I wonder if I'm giving them as much face-time as they deserve, so I'm curious to hear what others do

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    Probably not as much as I varies by what they are doing, but I try to stop what I'm doing if one of them comes up to me with a book or something.

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I am in the probably not as much as I should camp.... I spend time with sophie doing things, but its probably like 15 minutes here or there throughout the day.
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    Thanks! I'll be curious to hear what others say, but I'm about the same as the two of you.
    Feel guilty for "letting" them do so much on their own, but I think it's probably actually a good thing for them! Bekah already likes to play by herself, and hopefully someday Jasmine will too . I'm such an independent person ,it's hard for me to spend every minute talking to/playing with/interacting with them both and then want time with DH! It's gotten a lot better that way since I stopped nursing the girls. I'm not feeling nearly so touched-out now!

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    I hear ya, Charlene! We're in the same boat. Katie is much better at entertaining herself, where Maggie wants me to be with her (or touching her) all the time or at the very least giving her my undivided attention. Katie plays by herself and then comes by to check in from time to time, sometimes coming over for a snuggle or a book or something.

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    That's so funny! It really shows the difference in temperament, doesn't it? I love it.
    Last night we got back from the in-laws, and Bekah sat down at a toy and started playing, but Jasmine followed DH and I into the kitchen to make granola. She has to be in the room with us, preferably in our arms, at all times!!
    Though she is much less high-needs than when she was tiny. *phew*

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    I'm so totally in the - I need to give him more face time camp. I only have one and he is so great at playing by himself that I sometimes forget he needs me. I'm such a multitasker that I have a hard time just giving my attention to one thing.
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    I'm also om the probably not as much as they need side. The 3 of them play so well together and when they don't it's usually because they need a break and some alone time. This summer has been notably worse since I haven't felt all that great & have been super-stressed out having my nephew here too.

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    None - two of mine are teenagers and I have one tweenybopper and at these ages it isn't cool to hang with your mom.

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