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    Oh my goodness. I'm laughing SO hard!

    This site is HILARIOUS!! And to think people actually allow these pictures to be posted online!!!

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    Those are funny!

    Last time we sold a house, my mom had us take our own pictures (she knows we know how to stage and we're definitely better than her at photos) - my mom is my real estate agent.


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    One good thing: it's getting me to clean my house

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    LOL, these are so funny!!

    Also creating for Kelleigh Ratzlaff

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    The scary thing is that, while looking for houses, I've actually *seen* homes like these! UGH!!

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    We are looking at houses now and I'm astonished that the agents put those photos online.

    Happy to be creating for:

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    "why isn't someone helping push them back out?!" :laught16:

    ...and that did look like small legs a danglin'!

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