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    Procrastinators Unite!

    Ok....I will admit it - I am a major procrastinator! I will wait til the last minute to do things and drive my family nuts with my stress to finish have to admit I am soooo avoiding stuff today and started this little fun thread to see if I am alone here :laught16: (translation - another way to prolong what I need to do.....)

    So things I am procrastinating about:

    I said I would make GS scrapbooks for my daisy troop - 2 years ago....and not one page is done. I have all the photos but no ideas. I had planned to whip them out this summer and well here we are - 2 weeks before school starts and all I have is a box filled with the scrapbooks - no pages. Thank goodness Kim gave me some suggestions so going to see if that gets me going.....oh yeah did I mention this was a hybrid project x 12? ugh.......if I can't get this done - I am taking a drive to Blythe for some help here!

    Anything you are supposed to be doing and not doing today or this week?
    ~ Darla ~

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    Dude! Check out my title. Hanging with the Chicks! rh_scrapbooker's Avatar
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    Things I'm avoiding:

    - Cleaning up the master bedroom
    - Throwing the sheets from the guest bed into the wash
    - Cleaning up my scrapbook room (although I have been contemplating moving things around, so I'd have to clean)


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    right now- it's laundry and picking up the living room.

    i need to do laundry, and should get it in the wash soon. the living room i'm tempted to wait until tomorrow to do, lol. the boys missed their regular cleaning day on friday, so we're going to do it tomorrow. and while they're cleaning, i'll pick up the living room.

    i'm thinking that i'll just sweep it right now, so it at least looks halfway clean, lol.

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    oh I have cleaning to do too....but got it done and 2 pages done for 7 girls - so I have about 14 pages total.....
    ~ Darla ~

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    coffee, photography, and cute kids. who could ask for more? Administrator Charla's Avatar
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    Yeah. Yesterday I went through our pile of paperwork and filed it all, and in a pile, found a gift card for DH's cousin who graduated in MAY. So first priority today is to make her graduation card so I can get that out!!

    I think I need to make today an anti-procrastination day and:
    Call the midwife's office for appointment
    call the dentist for appointment (ugh)
    make 4 cards
    do project for DH that has been sitting in my inbox for months

    On top of Monday's normal (laundry, dishes, grocery list)
    and then I can get back to work on my book for the girls

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    Well, we just got back from a long weekend and the kids started school today so I should really whip the house back into shape...but I also have a couple of freelance design jobs I need to work on and since those pay better, they'll probably be what I actually do.

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    I'm avoiding cleaning the bathroom...
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    i'm always procrastinating

    - sink is overflowing with dishes
    - need to get new license plate tags (they expire @ the end of the month, eek)
    - scrapbook pages that I said I'd do for the parenting group I used to be in

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    Well, considering todays my son's birthday and I forgot to have the school put up a birthday sign for him and I still haven't planned his party that was suppose to be this Saturday (so not going to happen) I'm feeling like a bad mommy this morning

    He probably wouldn't even have a present except my hubby called this weekend when he was in Sam's and said "Oh, weren't we going to get Chase Guitar Hero on Tour - DS for his birthday" and I said "Oh yea, I've been meaning to do that" so he grabbed it while he was there. That was a life saver.

    I don't know why I'm like that but it drives me crazy!

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    Bird is the word dude! Hanging with the Chicks! KimberlyGiarrusso's Avatar
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    You are doing great Darla. Keep on keepin' on!

    Ugh I have so much to do. (ya Darla, most is cubscouts huh )

    -Finish the website for the Cubscouts
    -Finish my husband's business website
    -Finish the web design mocks for my brother's client
    -Do my homework (including researching a thesis)
    -Plan a year of activities for the scouts
    -Finish school shopping
    -Work on my CTM assignments for RSC magazine
    -Get a haircut

    Quote Originally Posted by brechasemom View Post
    Well, considering todays my son's birthday
    Ohhh Happy Birthday to him!
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    Oh, gosh, I'm terrible about procrastinating, too!

    1. Do a wedding scrapbook for a friend, they are getting close to their second anniversary. LOL
    2. Make check-up appt for DD
    3. File several months worth of paperwork
    4. Various

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