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    All the mommies in the house say WOOT WOOT

    School started here today!

    'nuff said!

    Kimberly Giarrusso

    I create for Ready-Set-Create! Magazine

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    our school started today, too. evan's already home (he got out at 11), but cody and dylan are still in school until 3. yay!

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    lol I still have to wait until Sept 2nd. Soon though...

    Happy to be creating for:

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    I'd be doing a big WOOT....if I wasn't a teacher and had to go back to school today, too LOL

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    I'm at school too. We did get to finally split up the classrooms today so each is smaller! Yay!

    I'm so stressed with Matthew's aide situation. I hope the new one can start soon...

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    School started here too, I was excited... time for some much needed mommy time!!! Although Sophia does not start until next week

    Michelle I am feeling you on the aide situation, thankfully Tristan no longer needs one!
    Currently on hiatus from creative teams
    because well, college is a mojo stealer!

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