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    So... titles. What are your tips and tricks?

    Titles can be so hard, can't they? What do you do to come up with a title for your latest layout?

    Me: I'm a big fan of one word to sum it all up. But sometimes that doesn't always work for me. I'd love to hear what you do for a little inspiration.
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    I love using song lyrics and titles (and many times, twisting them to suit my purposes)


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    I'm a big fan of fonts and alphas, so I love doing titles. Though I have to admit that the titles not always come easy to me. I favor funny titles, pulled from songs, movies, books, also with a little twist.

    And I always translate my titles (originally in Portuguese) to put in the galleries. Another point to consider!
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    I have such a hard time with titles. The last layout I did I didn't even add a title, just a small font with name and date. It's probably the biggest struggle I have when doing a layout.

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    ugh- i struggle with titles.

    i tend to go with what is going on in the picture or why i took the picture. 'picking flowers', 'first day of school', 'five generations'. boring- but at least they work.

    i've done songs, quotes, and even no titles.

    ya know, i love the alphas and fonts and making the title, i just hate thinking them up, lol!

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    I really struggle with titles too. So many layouts are just sweet pictures of the girls, and it gets old writing "cutie-pie" or "beautiful girl" for 10 different layouts!

    I should really do the lyrics/song title idea more often, since I love music

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    oh - titles are the worst for me! i can never think of a cute one - and then if i do, i can't figure out how to make it look good if it has several words! some people are SOOOOO good at that! maybe i need to do some literal scraplifts of titles until i get the hang of it? i don't know - for now - i stick to one word titles as much as possible - it's boring !! or - if it's two words (or more) it's usually one alpha - or a cute alpha as the main word and alpha beads (my saving grace!) spelling out the other words LOL ...
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    See, I'm not a big music fan, so songs won't work for me.

    Charla, next time you have one of those "sweet smile" photos to scrap, try this:

    Look hard at the photo. What's the story? What's it trying to say? What else do you want to remember from it in 20-30 years? I bet that would help!
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    I struggle with titles too!!! I am usually a big fan of just making sure I have a cute font to put names and dates and a little journaling. Sometimes, I have moments of breakthrough, but I agree that it is hard!!!

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    I really use one title a lot of the time too. Unless I find the perfect piece of Word Art. lol! I'm lazy! :p

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    I am inspired by lyrics, book titles, magazine articles and poetry!

    A lot of times I will pull one word out of my journaling to serve as my title.

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    i hope i don't jinx myself but titles usually come pretty easy to me. if i get stuck i like to browse galleries and usually wind up playing off something i see there.
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