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    Should I change my username?

    I'm thinking about changing my user name to Sinead instead of maggieandmommy. I've felt bad ever since we got pregnant with Katie because it seems like she's not represented at all. But I'm maggieandmommy EVERYWHERE.

    What do you think? Should I or shouldn't I?

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I have change my username in A lot of places, my former name just did not seem to suit and older me... (deenasuprema) However... I cannot seem to let go of that name completely LOL But it is not nearly as descriptive as yours, so I can totally understand changing it.
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    I can totally see what you would change it. You could always put like "used to be maggieandmommy" in your siggy until people get used to it.

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    I'd probably change it. I know you occasionally get called "Maggie," but even more than that, since she's not your only daughter anymore...I'd want both girls in there, or neither!
    I've considered getting mine changed (to Charla) but at least it's not Berekah, which would confuse people now that my DD is Bekah

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    I can absolutely understand you! And I would change it and put "used to be maggieandmommy" into my signature, like crystalbella said.

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    I was riordm when I first started but I changed to melrio a few years back. As you can see, admin even put it in my profile. I think I need to change it now. Just don't know what I want for my description now.

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    I would feel how you do, Sinead. Doesn't mean you have to change it, just saying that's how I would feel, too So, as usual, I'm no help!

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    I'm ALWAYS just tamra!

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    I was considering getting mine changed also...

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    I think you should change it just because I'm going to assume you will still be hanging around in a few years and Katie will be able to read and she'll look over your shoulder and say - WAHHHHHHH - where's katieandmommy? As for her not being represented - I wouldn't worry about it, selecting usernames is hard to do under pressure - lol!

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    You can always change it to Sinead and add (maggieandmommy) right next to it. I totally think you should change, not only because you have 2 daughters, but also because you were Sinead before you even had them, so... I vote for a change!
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