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    can we talk potty training?

    i know it's just a fluke, but my 21 month old son just started tugging on his diaper and pulled me toward the bathroom. emma was fully potty trained at 26 months, but i've always heard it's different for boys. can anyone share experiences, stories, advice? TIA!
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    My son is 3 yrs/2 mos., and we are still singing the potty training blues.

    He is in a diaper at night, and big boy underwear during the day. Some days he is very good and takes himself to the bathroom when he feels the urge with no accidents. Other days, like yesterday, we went through 4 underwear/shorts because he starts to go and then stops, but it's enough that he can't wear them anymore. As far as the "big job" goes, he absolutely refuses to go in the bathroom. He requests a diaper. Which I suppose I should thank my stars that he's not going in his underwear, but . . .

    If you can get your son potty trained before age 2, I say more power to AND I'm jealous at the same time! ROFLOL!

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    Bekah's started acting like she's interested (and she loves pulling off her diaper) at 19 months. Jasmine wasn't trained 'til she was 3 so I was ignoring it, but MIL pointed out that she might be interested.

    I think it really does depend on the child. You could give it a try, kind of test the water, and see how he does? I'm thinking I'll do that with Bekah when this morning sickness goes away!

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    UGH! Potty training was a nightmare with Gabe. the worst parenting thing I have ever have to deal with thus far. He would throw hysterical fits when I would take into the bathroom. He would even bite me. It's INSANE! I tried everything. I tried the candy thing...where they get a piece when they go, etc. but he just informed me that he didn't want anymore candy. I tried offering to buy him new toys and a big thing after he was fully trained and he informed me that he didn't want any more toys. lol! I ended up stripping his room of all of toys and he earned them back one by one. He didn't have to potty to get them. He just had to sit there without throwing a fit.

    It was so awful that I haven't done Ezra yet. He's 2. Gabe was just over 3 years when he was finally trained.

    If you get him trained please tell me how you did it! I am so terrified of doing it with Ezra.

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