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Thread: Hello :o)Neebie

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    Hello :o)Neebie

    Hello ya'll just wanted to introduce myself :o) My name is Melissa Rubio and I'm a SAHM to 3 beautiful girls Angie 4,Carolyn 3 and my baby drama queen Abbie 1. I'm originally from gonzales, La, but know live in fayetteville Ar :o) I really love it here! the nature scene is beautiful. I really love to bead, crochet, just beginning to scrapbook and hopefully one of these days I wish to be able to knit :o) I'm a shopaholic when it comes to children's clothes!hehehehehe I can be pretty creative when I want to be, but lately haven't had the time for anything :o( which hopefully will change soon :o) I can't wait to meet you all :o)

    Melissa R

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    Welcome Melissa!! We hope that you find some time soon also so we can see your great work! Glad you found the DC.
    Let's see if I can keep this BLOG up...

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    Thanks Christie! I hope so too, you know I did a few auction templtes designs awhile back and that was like digital scrapbooking to me ,but for some reason lately I just can't get back to my habits :o( I can't even get my blog to look good! hehehehehehehe

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    Welcome Melissa!
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