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    Prayers please for missing 10 yr old girl

    it's been over a week, and 10 yr old Damaris is still missing she went to Jace's school until about 2 weeks ago, then she was put in another charter school. On the 10th, her parents met outside the YMCA to do the exchange - apparently they have a bitter custody issue going on. No one knows for sure, but I understand it got verbal and she took off running. 10 years old, it's been raining for 3 days - it breaks my heart! I took family photos of them a few yrs ago as a fundraiser for student council - but her name is Demaris Herrera.

    Jen Blackwell

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    Oh no, that is just heartbreaking. I pray they find her soon

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    that is so sad....will keep her in my prayers!

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    Oh my gosh she is in my prayers
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    oh my gosh I do hope they find terrible....please keep us posted Jen.
    ~ Darla ~

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