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    Andrea Burns' Retirement Sale...

    The time has come for me to say Goodbye... I want to try and focus on my Custom Portraiture business. And as bittersweet as that is, it is GREAT for you!

    60% OFF EVERYTHING (reflected during check out).

    Andrea Burns Designs at TDC

    Don't forget the Double Ups!

    Sale ends Jan 31, and when they are gone... they are G.O.N.E!

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    Awe! I have always loved your designs. Sounds bittersweet, but I know you will do great in your next venture!

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    Wait!! That means I can't tell people that they have to own your incredible frames

    I'm so excited for you, though very sad about you hanging up your "designer" hat.

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    I'm sad to see you go as a designer, but I can't wait to see all the beautiful pix you'll take!!! And YAYAYAY for the great sale! LOL (Someone said "excited"? LOL)

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    So sorry to see you leave designing, Andrea! Your latest stuff has been just incredible! Heck - I even used one of the papers as a necklace pendant! You will be missed! I pray that your photography business would flourish -- keep us posted, okay?!

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    Thank you for your support everyone!

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    WOW This is such a huge sale! Love your designs.

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    I'm totally in love with your alphas, so I'm sad to see there won't be anymore, but glad that you will be having a new (or perhaps more focused) adventure!

    Creating for Disasterpiece Studios

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    A bump! Just a couple days left!

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    Good luck to you... loved your designs.

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