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    AWESOME list of tips & tricks!

    I found this the other day and was about to pass it up (thinking I'm just so super smart and know everything about PSP, lol!)... glad I didn't! There's good stuff in there I never knew...

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    that was great! There are a few things that I just forgot, like a straight line with the shift key, lol. THe recent color palette is awesome though!


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    TY TY TY. I so appreciate tuts being shared. Each one is a great help, as I am learning my program.
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    Oh thank you so much! Great information.

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    WOW!!, that is one cave full of treasure!! Thanks for posting this Val!!

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    That's a lot of great info... too bad I don't use PSP. :X-:

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    cool!! thanx!
    ~Laura~ (aka PicklesMommy)

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    Really needed this!!!! Thanks for the link.

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    Oh, goodie! Thanks Val!
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    wow, thanks so much for this. I'm still trying to figure A LOT of stuff out and this looks like it has some great info!

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