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    Question about CD albums?

    I often see CD templates/qp..and the hybrid project says to paste on CD' this catual CD's or a special bought product??

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    Nope Charlie, just stick them to a standard CD/DVD. Or if you could be bothered, you could cut your circles out of chipboard but that would be a pain! I've got so many CD's that aren't burnt correctly and I just keep them so always have some on hand. I sand them to rough them up a bit and let the glue adhere better (not sure if that helps or not!). I used Mod Podge when I made one up for S&S as it seals your layout nicely onto the CD then I went over the whole thing with the Mod Podge too to seal it all and stop the pages from getting scratched and/or marked. If you don't seal/stick your page on properly, it may lift off the CD which you won't want so Mod Podge is a good go if you can get some (Spotlight) or try Decoupage Glue from Spotlight too which does the same thing (glue and a sealer).
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    Thanks Shaz..and how are the cd's held together usually??

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    Oops, I knew I forgot to mention something! I use my trusty Crop A Dile from We R Memory Keepers as it punches through chipboard, leather, paper, thin tin, perspex, etc. Well worth getting and it sets eyelets too with the slightest squeeze, so none of that hammering to punch a hole then hammering again to set the eyelet. They're around $45. Once I punch a hole in the top of each CD, I just use something like the ball and chain keyring stuff, a hinged ring or even ribbon to hold it altogether. If you don't have a Crop A Dile, not sure that a regular hole punch would go through the CD. You should be able to use a drill to put holes in them. Just test one out first before you stick anything on it!
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    Great tips Sharon! I love my cropodile too, especially the "big bite!" It rocks!

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    To save time cutting out and gluing the circles, I use CD/DVD labels to print my layouts on. Now this leaves a hole in the center (cuz the labels come that way).... but no problem... after I adhere my label to the CD, I cover the hole with an embellishment or a photo. You do have to keep the hole in mind though, when designing your layout. Oh, and I use a drill to create the hole for the key ring and it works just fine.

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    thanks ladies these are fantatic tips..we purchase printable dvd/ dont have the labels I ve asked nerdy hubby to keep any dvd'cd's he screws up

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    I bet you can size the templates to fit onto chipbord coasters as well...

    I wonder if the Bind-It-All would punch through CDs? Bet it would, if done one at a time
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    I haven't got a Bind It All Kim so not sure how thick they punch through. But circular coasters would be another good way to make up a mini album.

    I'm with Charlie though and have so many spare CD's that haven't burnt properly. My DS's Kinder is looking for donations and I could supply them with a few packs of old CD's I no longer need or cannot use!

    And I never thought of printing directly onto my CD's as my Epson printer does that. Yes, there'd be a hole in the centre, but you could work your layout around it maybe. I forget my printer even does that as I don't use the disc printing feature very often!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tgmousechick View Post
    I bet you can size the templates to fit onto chipbord coasters as well...

    I wonder if the Bind-It-All would punch through CDs? Bet it would, if done one at a time
    Yes, it will punch through a CD, I had to try it when I first bought mine LOL!

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