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    SS Digital Scrapbooking 4

    Has anyone that was published in this mag. received thier copy yet?

    We have no local Scrapbook store around here so I can't run out and get it and I don't think I can wait to get my copy from SS.
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    not yet. hopefully soon though.

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    None here in NC.

    I was just wondering when we would get them or if i am going to see it on the newstands for a few weeks first

    Funny thing, just last week i got my free copy of Becky's sketches -- one month after I bought it in the store. Usually they are so prompt, so I hope that was just a fluke with Primedia.

    By the way Christy!! thanks so much for the Designing with.. it came in like 3 days! YOU ROCK!

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    You know what? I have a feeling it will be on the newsstands before we receive them. But that is ok I will buy a copy if I ever find it anywhere before I receive my

    Glad you got your book! Now if I could just get rid of these last 3 I still
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    i had a layout in SS digital 2, and if i remember correctly, it was on newsstands before i got my copy, but maybe only for a week? it wasn't that long- i laughed with my dh about it, because we had gone out looking for it a few days before (and we drove over 40 miles to find it, lol), and then it showed up in my mail. i'm hoping that will be the case this time.

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    In #3, I ended buying my copy at an Albertson's a lil while before mine came in the mail...

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    Red face

    I wasn't published, but I preordered my copy from SS and I received it via UPS yesterday. I can't believe they wouldn't have sent you all your copies first, but I would imagine you should receive them in the next day or so.

    Have a great day!


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    I'm still waiting... waiting.... waiting! Stalking the mailman, etc. No luck, yet.


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    i've got two in there.....haven't gotten a copy....but, i may go stalk my LSS tonight to get it!
    Holly McCaig

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    I have been looking but haven't found it yet. Man now I am wishing our LSS wouldn't have closed this summer!
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