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    Hybrid girls, i need your opinion!

    Hello girlies!
    I need you help, and im hoping that some of you might have some good advice!
    I want to invest in a new printer, one that handles thick cardstock paper.

    Any suggestions?

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    I really like my Epson R1900. It's a wide format photo printer, and it was definitely an investment....but I'm really happy with it. I'm not sure if all Epsons are the same, but mine has a straight feed so it seems to manage cardstock better than the HP I also have, which is a "C" type of feed path. Plus I can print 12" x 12" and high quality photos
    (Do you need me to justify this purchase more?! lol)

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    My cheap solution to hybrid is the Canon iP3680. The only downside? Max printing is 8x11.
    xoxo, Jill

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    I know that my HP Photosmart does just fine with some cardstock, but it doesn't "grab" textured very well. I'd definitely look for a straight feed as Linda suggested. I sort of have to force thicker cardstock in there, which is NOT good.
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    Thanks for your inputs girls
    I have been looking into this one and i think i like the sound of it. It is supposed to be one of the best, and it has won several tests here in Norway

    BUT i am going to take a look at those you suggested too!

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    I had a Epson 4 in one (RX700 )that had two feeds, one for paper from the front and a straight one for card from the back- so it worked really well....


    I just got the R1900 - HUGE difference, HUGE!

    As Linda said - an investment - but it is so worth it. The colour quality and everything about is is amazing. Not to mention the larger size's you can print. It does fabulous colours on cardstock too - which if you are doing hybrid is a big consideration.

    What works on a "photo" printer paper and what works on different matte papers is very different in results. I thought my first Epson was good with glossy and ok with hybrid. But the new one has put that to shame.

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    Yes, that sure looks fantastic!! I am going to have to go take a look at one of those, and check prizes.. I really want to start with hybrid scrapbooking, but i do need a printer

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    One thing I will tell you to watch for - the price on the ink cartridges!! I was looking at a great printer, it was about $220 but the ink cartridges were $150 each! Now it may print more, but I find a $30 ink cartridge easier on the budget even if I have to replace it more often...KWIM? That was the best advice I got when purchasing my printer....

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    Hanging with the Chicks! YvetteSanders's Avatar
    It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you.
    I have the older Epson, the R1800, and I have run tons of strange papers through it! I even printed on 140lb watercolor paper a few months ago (I had to help it a litle bit to get started, but it did print!). I have yet to find something that it won't print on!

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    I have the Canon 860 ($179 from Dell but I had a $75 coupon for buying warranty for the laptop and so it was a steal deal for me) and so far it works great. It has a paper tray but I feed the cardstock through the back.. the same place as where the photo paper goes through. So far so good and I love that I can pick which tray to use. It defaults to the paper tray, which is regular paper, but I can select the back tray and it'll take my cardstock. This way I don't have to remember to add/remove cardstock paper since the printer is wireless and my 'puter's upstairs and the printer is downstairs. I also have the Selphy ES30 ($79 from Adorama). Love that thing, so portable!!
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    For those in the US, there's a rebate on the R1900 right now
    I have a feeling this is a US only thing, though...

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    I did have a Canon X(something) back in South Africa that did 13 x 19 prints and it worked fabulously on cardstock and matte photo paper...the ink cartridges were single ink system at about $7 each and the printer retailed at about $200. I recently bought a Epson Stylus NX415, not the top of the range but I got it at 50% off (BARGAIN! LOL) and I must say I am very happy with is also single ink and does borderless. It handles Cardstock (110 LBS) no problem at all! My biggest advice is also make sure you can get the ink in your local shops for a reasonable price and then decide on the printer...

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    I cheat and e mail it to my local printer guy for the card stock stuff and for the collage sheets I sell in our LSS.It's cheap and it's his responsibility to get it right and have supplies in stock.

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    Love that idea Beth! I used to get my layouts printed 12x12 at my local small town print shop, but the man was just SO grumpy all the time. I stopped going to him. {sigh}

    I really wish the print shop around the corner from my house was a little more reasonable! I love the idea of shopping local!
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