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    New Recipes: what catches your eye?

    What do you notice in a recipe that makes you want to try it? And what do you see that you avoid like the plague?

    I love seeing the following in recipes:
    sour cream

    And I avoid anything that has:
    Cream of Chicken soup (not that we don't like it, but DH can't have it and we haven't found a natural brand that he can have)

    How about you?
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    Oh, and chocolate (in the "love" column)

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    Hmm.. I like recipes with pics and if it looks yummy I'll try it..I've been stuck on this site lately: I've made alot of things from this site and all came out yummy!
    hugs, Kara

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    I just LOVE to cook and bake! Really...anything that just sounds good, or has a great pic that makes me want to eat it lol.

    I reallllly hate spinach and tofu, couscous, brussel sprouts...ECK!

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    if it has chicken or cheese, it's a go in my house LOL.....

    I'm always looking for something new to make...

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    A recipe that dont involve actual cooking LOL i am not a cook and hate cooking but i have to feed the family and pizza and take out get old after a while LOL

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    hahaha. what carly said. i looooathe cooking. so for me recipes that say "easy", "fast", "one dish meal" appeal to me. it's so hard cooking for a hubby that doesn't love veggies, kids that don't have as evolved tastebuds as myself and then low-fat for me. it actually blows. cooking is the pits.

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    it rather depends on the mood and the occasion I love to cook and bake, and I don't mind if it gets a bit complicated, though the easier and faster recipes are nice for week days

    as long as there's not olives or tofu or canned anything in it, I'm good

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    Lately I've been doing a lot of baking and try to find recipes that use whole wheat flour and/or oats to make them healthier. I tend to try to stick on the healthier side for entree recipes, too, but have some basic staples that I usually stick with in that area. I did start making my spaghetti sauce from scratch, but my family isn't much into soups or casseroles (much to my dismay since I love both) so I don't get to try those kinds of recipes very often.

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    omg I've been bad the past few days! Made fried chicken and breaded fried porkchops.. some one smack me!
    hugs, Kara

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    Oh, I know, Kara, I don't do it often, but once in a while, that fried stuff is just GOOD!

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