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Thread: Hoo boy

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    coffee, photography, and cute kids. who could ask for more? Administrator Charla's Avatar
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    Hoo boy

    It's only 8:40 a.m. and I'm already done for the day

    I had a tough time falling asleep last night because I was just getting to the exciting part of the book I was reading (Shopaholic Takes Manhattan), so I was thinking about that, trying to figure out how it was going to resolve.
    Then at 1:45 the doorbell rang We think the wind brought something to the doorbell, because it was a monsoon out there, and no one would be outside in their right mind at 1:45 in torrential rain. (and no one was there; DH did check)
    Then Hudson woke up and wouldn't just nurse back to sleep. So at 2:30 I finally got up and brought him downstairs. Nursed him in my rocking chair and finished the book. Got back to bed at 3:30.
    7:30 came far too early!
    THEN...I happened to glance at the calendar, and realized at 8:13 that Jasmine had an appointment with the orthopedic specialist at 8:15 downtown! So we very quickly got her dressed (thank goodness DH had already showered and dressed, and they'd both eaten) and they were on their way. In my sleepy stupor I finally found the phone number and let them know they were on their way, since we'd be charged for missing it completely so we figured we might as well try!

    please tell me today will get better!!!

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    If at first you do succeed, try not to look astonished Hanging with the Chicks! yamstamps's Avatar
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    *ahem* "Today will get better"

    Hang in there!! Hopefully you can now coast through the rest of the day

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    Today will get better!!!!

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    Goodness! What a night! Hope today is easy-peasy for you & that you can sneak in a nap!

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    what is the speed of dark? Hanging with the Chicks! marianneh's Avatar
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    well, here's a thought, my day's almost over. I'm about to start supper and then shortly after that it's bedtime for Kaydin and my day was totally ok, so I'll send those vibes over, k?

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    I didn't sleep well last night either. My back pain has decided to flare up over the weekend and it's still hanging on. Makes life difficult, especially sleep. So when I finally fell asleep, I overslept this morning. We were rushing, or as rushed as I could get. We are going to the park this afternoon. I know Daniel will enjoy it, but I won't . . . I mean, I'll go and enjoy watching him and taking pictures, but seriously, when my back hurts, it's a like a film is over everything.

    So hugs to you ~ I feel your pain literally. And I'm holding on to the hope that it will get better! Sending positive vibes your way!

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    Queen of Unpacking Hanging with the Chicks! SunshineTK's Avatar
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    Hope your day gets better!!

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    coffee, photography, and cute kids. who could ask for more? Administrator Charla's Avatar
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    Thanks, everyone!
    I'm having DH's sister over for lunch today (thankfully we're having something easy: Italian Grilled Cheese sandwiches and some salad) which is motivating me to get a little tidying-up done. So at least the house won't fall apart today, much as I'd like to climb under a rock 'til tomorrow!
    Sorry, Cheryl. I hate when I'm in pain and life has to continue like it's normal...

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    I hope your day gets better!!!

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    Holy cow! Hope the rest of the went better!
    hugs, Kara

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    Fan of: everyone!!

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    (((hugs))) I hope that your day got better!

    I had one of those days, too.

    Cheryl, (((hugs))) I feel your pain, too. My arthritis is flaring pretty bad and my meds aren't working anymore. Now I'm waiting for the insurance to give me approval to switch (just got word yesterday afternoon that they have done so) and the doc to call in the RX for a new med (which should be done tomorrow). It's been a pretty bad month, though.

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I ♥ TDC! :) Hanging with the Chicks! Priscilla's Avatar
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    aww, sorry hun!

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